Wednesday, October 27, 2010

{Party} Justin Bieber / Lady Gaga - Part 1

Just realized I never posted the rest of the details from my daughter's Justin Bieber / Lady Gaga party. I left you off with the cake wreck.

This year I let my daughter get involved in the planning. Usually I like to do it all (it's a control thing) but this time she was so excited about it, we did it together. This turned out to be a bit difficult because her ideas were a bit all over the place. Kept trying to reel her back in which wasn't always working.

Her main requests were that the colors were pink, violet and turquoise, had to have Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Hello Kitty, gum and candy. See what I mean about all over the place?

So this is what I came up with...

Streamers, balloons, and partyware incorporated the colors she wanted.


The birthday banner is one I made years ago but it has become a tradition to hang it up every year.

For more decorations, I bought magazines and cut out pictures of Justin and Lady Gaga and decorated the walls with them.

I designed personalized chocolate bars and water bottle labels with both JB and LG.


We had lots of candy and gum (from Economy Candy) - all with the pink, violet and turquoise color scheme.


Here's a good tip to save money - either use smaller containers or if they are larger, fill the containers half way with paper and then fill the rest with your candy so it looks like it's overflowing.



This is a trick gift basket designers use when filling their baskets to make them look so full. (I should know - I was one of them!)

Besides the Hello Kitty cake, I made cupcakes with turquoise frosting, pink and purple liners and created custom JB and LG cupcake toppers.


I rounded out the food with little finger foods like pizza rolls, mini quiches and mini pigs in the blanket.

Tomorrow I'll be back with details on the activities and goodie bags!


Heather Fonseca said...

Wow! Does your little girl know how lucky she is?

citygirl - Stacey said...

She's clueless! :)

dancilhoney said...

Wow best party I have ever seen. I love the theme the colors and all,. very sweet. My daughter too is crazy over him. :)
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