Friday, September 3, 2010

{Field Trip Fridays} Economy Candy

I'm in big time party planning mode these days because my daughter's b'day party is coming up in 9 days!! 9 days!!! I can't believe it!! I'll share more specific details with you next week but one of the things I needed to get for the party is candy...and lots of it! What better place to go when you need a lot of candy other than Economy Candy in the lower east side of Manhattan - our field trip for today!


Now, Economy Candy is one of those great down and dirty types of stores - completely opposite from the glitz & glam of Dylan's Candy Bar, but equally as fun.

When you first walk in all you see is packed wall to wall candy!! What could be wrong with that, right?




I couldn't buy any chocolate - way too hot that day!


What's great about this store, especially if you are planning a party, is all of the bulk options. Check this out...

gumballs, jelly beans & m&m's



old fashioned candy



and even sugar free


Remember these childhood favorites? Candy necklaces


and wax bottles


Everywhere you look, there are rainbows of candy heaven.

Lollipops - round


and long


If you're a Pez fan, this is definitely a place for you. There's Pez everywhere!


Check out these giant ones! They hold six packs of Pez candy at once!


I was so close to buying this Barbie one - but that was last year's party theme.


If they would have had Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga, I would have been all over it!

They also have lots of fun vintage items like these metal lunch boxes. How fun would these be as decorations for an Alice in Wonderland party or Barbie party? I just loved them!



Another thing I loved and couldn't resist were these old puzzles. My girls are way too old for them but I thought they'd be fun to frame and hang up. We're big Wizard of Oz fans in our house so that was a must!


They had candy that I heard of from the Food Network shows but never tried - like these Abba Zabas


How about these guys? I used to love wax lips!


Now they have them in mustaches. So much fun!


Can you tell I had a great time in this store? Well, I'd like to share the fun with you guys! I got some extra lips and 'staches. Anyone want them? I got 3 of each. All you need to do is tell me your favorite candy either as a kid or what it is now. Leave me a comment in the comments section and a winner will be chosen randomly on Tuesday - right after the holiday weekend.

One of my favorites is red shoestring licorice and they even had them in a rainbow of colors! I got myself a bag of them.

Can't wait to hear your favorites! Make sure you leave a way for me to get in touch with you in case you're the winner!


Heather Fonseca said...

Great post! I love your photos. What a great store. I don't think there's anything quite like that here in LA.

When I was a kid I liked those little raspberry candies and of course fish. Oh, and spree too.

Jennifer D said...

I so want that Alice lunch box!

That Wonka style field trip was awesome. I have always been a huge chocolate fan but yesterday I wanted to buy a candy and it was too hot for choc. so I bought Chewy Sweet Tarts...Oh how I love them as a kid and now.

pam said...

What a fun day! Love your post - it makes me want to take my kids and go right now! And it's only 8am! Your pixs were the best, I felt like I was there! Or in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - my favorite movie (the original, of course) Yummy day!!

colleen said...

mmm...I can't believe I lived in NYC for 10 years & never knew of this store! As for my favorites - there's never a day in my book that's "too hot" for chocolate! But as a kid I loved those dots on paper & Fun Dip!

Unknown said...

I love that place. I'm there at least once a year buying Violets or something for a party.

The Shutter said...

Such a fun blog and amazing photos. I spied you from the Blogging Your Way class.

Lara said...

Pop Rocks, Lemonheads and Cherry Chans were some of my faves!! I loved looking at all the retro candies, great shots!!

The Party Muse said...

I love the same candy now as I did as a kid, RING POPS!! : ) I have a date with a friend to visit Economy Candy

Sheek Shindigs said...

What a great place! I wish that we had one nearby.

My favorite candy as a kid (and today!) was Skittles.

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