Thursday, September 30, 2010

Etsy Shop - Halloween Accordion Books

Two of my favorite holidays are Halloween and Thanksgiving Lucky for me those 2 are just around the corner!!

I really get into Halloween so you'll probably be seeing a bunch of posts on the subject.

In my Pre-K days (pre kids) we had a really fun "adults only" Halloween party. I will rummage through my old photos so I can show you what we did. Super fun!!

I also take lots of photos around Halloween. I take lots of photos ALL THE TIME, but Halloween seems like I'm in overdrive!

What to do with all those photos?!?

I make books.

You should too.

I did the hard work for you - actually MAKING the book.


You get to do the fun design work. Selecting pictures, adding enhancements. Fun!!


I have a bunch of Halloween accordion books that I designed and started adding them to my Etsy Shop. There are a half a dozen there now, with more to come so keep checking!

So, plan your costumes, have a party, snap away, and make a book!

You'll be thanking me.

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