Friday, October 1, 2010

{Field Trip Fridays} Eataly NYC

Today we're going on a trip to Italy. Well, not really but I think it's pretty close.

My mom was telling me about a new Italian market that opened near the Flatiron building across from Madison Square Park called Eataly - co-owned by Mario Batali.


My mom - she's always in the know.

She made it sound so good I just had to check it out.

When I first got there I thought "This is it?!?"


It was pretty small with shelves lined with lots of Italian products ranging from Italian teas, preserves and candy.



I did think it was funny though that they had an Italian ATM machine!


Then I started walking towards the back and it was getting more interesting

Coffee, chocolates, pastries and panini






I kept walking and then it hit me.


It opened up to this huge market!! Maybe I came in the side entrance or something because I definitely didn't see this when I first came in.

There were all different sections - dried and fresh pasta



bread, pizza, meat, seafood and lots of beverages!




You can shop around, hang out at the bar, or sit in the restaurant area.


There's also fresh produce, books and even bright colorful houseware items. Italian, of course!



I really wanted to buy something but everything seemed way too expensive. Check this out - I always buy San Marzano canned tomatoes so when I saw these tomatoes, I was willing to give it a chance.


That was until I saw that they were over $7 per can!! No way could I justify that! Is that crazy or is it just me? You can be honest!

As I was walking around I was getting a strange deja-vu feeling. Something about the large white columns in the room. They seemed awfully familiar. There's so much turnaround in NY that it was definitely possible I was here. Then it hit me! My friend Pam was married in this space over 10 years ago! It surely has changed since then!

Are you in the mood for Italian food now? Or maybe a trip to Italy?

I don't know if I'll be making pasta this weekend but I will be in the kitchen baking. I need to make cupcakes and pizzelle cookies for a family event on Sunday.

What will you be doing?


Heather Fonseca said...

Today I'm making a pie, but gosh I wish I was in New York checking out that cool Italian market with you! It must be fun living in such a vibrant place!

The Shutter said...

Great shots! Can't wait to get there. I'm hoping to take my camera there this week and snap away.

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