Friday, October 22, 2010

{Field Trip Fridays} Madison Square Market

One of the things I really love about the city is when there's an upscale outdoor market to go to featuring indie designers and artists. I'm always inspired and amazed at all of the creativity out there!

I knew there was a market going on in Madison Square Park and I was eager to check it out.


It's always a great sign when you see a flood of white tents! It's gotta be good!



There were lots of interesting things to see. And a wide variety as well



These from Hanami were made from real flowers!



Cool tees from Kataplin


Bags - both vegan & recycled plastic.



Even puppets!


Then I had a few favorites that really caught my eye.

This was a really cool idea. Instead of an Entertainment book that gives you coupons to different restaurants and various venues, this was a similar concept but in the form of playing cards from City Shuffle.


52 cards were in the pack and each card was valued at $10 off a specific restaurant. All for only $25! (at this location) What an amazing gift for a foodie-city girl-blogger-someone-that-needs-a-night-out-because-her-girls-make-her-crazy.

Not that I'm thinking of anyone specific but my birthday IS coming up in 17 days.

Remember when you were younger and folded gum wrappers to make a chain? Well, now they're accessories at Nahui Ollin


I've actually seen this before but they went as far as to even make keychains out of them. They also had a video going on explaining the process. I would have loved to stay and watch because I'm really curious how they get the finished product so smooth and shiny but I had to press on. My time was limited that day.

I like how they even got creative with their displays. One of the display units looked like it was decoupaged with pages from a comic book. So fun!

The colors in this next booth just blew me away! Check out Karma Living.


I honestly didn't even know where to look first. There was so much going on and I wanted to make sure I was able to take everything in The colors were amazing!



So bright and cheerful!

I also loved the creative use of displays - using actual furniture to show their other items.


They had lots of fun pillows - my favorites were the cute owl


and all of the peace signs.



Equally as beautiful, but with a completely different color palette was this next booth - Paradis Found Designs. I just loved this one! Words like precious, sweet, adorable, beautiful all came to mind as I was staring in awe.



The handmade baby/children's clothes were made in various shades of pink and blue but not in a typical way you would expect to see in mainstream stores. Each item is unique and made from vintage and collectible fabrics.




The colors and shades went so well together and all of the little details just put them over the top.



Even the hangers were adorable!


If you need a baby gift, this is the place to go!

If you guys are in the city, you need to hurry because this market ends tomorrow! With the holidays coming up just around the corner though, there will be plenty of other markets to explore. Definitely something to look forard to.

As for me, I'm going to have a table at a local Fall/Halloween festival this Sunday. I'll have lots of accordion scrapbooks for Halloween and the upcoming holidays as well as a sale on hair accessories. I'll also have samples of personalized candy bar wrappers that make great party favors. If you're in the Riverdale area, stop by to say hi. It will be at PS 81 / Riverdale Neighborhood House from 11 to 3.

Do you like to shop indie markets? Have you ever been a vendor? Any creative display ideas?

Have a great weekend!


emily said...

What an awesome post! So many great observations and you captured it so well in your photos. I'm going to have to come back again to get through all of the great information.

emily said...

Stacey, oops, sorry...I jumped over here from the BYW forum and was reading about the NYC meet-up you gals were chatting about...;)

Heather Fonseca said...

Oh my gosh so much great stuff how can you stand not to buy everything? I never go to things like that, well the farmers market has a few nice jewelry stalls and stuff, but nothing like that. Love the purse.

citygirl - Stacey said...

Emily - not a problem! :) Hope you can make it on the 15th.

Heather - I know! Such great stuff but fortunately for my wallet I was in a hurry so I didn't have time to buy.

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