Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Colors of Autumn

Yesterday the girls were off from school for Columbus Day so we decided to go visit my mom. Yep, we had to go a whole 10 blocks! The really pathetic part (and I almost hate to admit it) is that we DROVE! Could I be any lazier? I'll just blame it on my girls.

Even though we do live so close to each other, there is a distinction in neighborhoods. She's considered more Northern Riverdale whereas we're in Central Riverdale. The only time I really notice a difference is in the weather. Back in August there was a tornado in her area and my little one and I happened to be driving right past her building just as it was happening. Very scary! 10 blocks south in my area, it was a mere drizzle. So crazy!

Yesterday I also noticed a difference. When we got to her building we saw a beautiful site! It actually looked like Autumn!


There was one tree where the leaves had already started changing colors. It was so beautiful!


Even my girls stopped and took notice.


A second later they were yelling at me to hurry up and put my camera away. They were hungry.

And there went that moment.

Back in my neck of the woods, we're still green. Looking forward to the Autumn colors making their way down my way!

Does it look like Autumn yet where you live?


Jennifer D said...

It sure feels like Autumn here.
The air is chilly and we have had our first snowstorm. The pine needles fall down like rain with every wind gust. The Aspen trees are just starting to turn yellow, orange and red.I love it.

You sure got some great shots, I love that last one!

Unknown said...

It's never autumn where I live...FLORIDA. The only time you know the season has changed from summer to autumn is when the breeze is a little more chilly. This was the case last week- early morning temps were down to 53 degrees! But this week has pretty much gone back to normal...80's & 90's for the most part. I'm hoping it starts cooling down soon though!!

By the way...I WISH our weather was as nice down here as it was up north. I would KILL to see some leaves change colors...hence the reason I'm desperately trying to convince my boyfriend we need to move out of Florida & into New York!

Heather Fonseca said...

The trees that live in LA are always turning colors - they're from pretty much everywhere in the world and just kind of do their own thing. It must be amazing to live in a place where you actually have REAL SEASONS. Enjoy every minute!

citygirl - Stacey said...

Jennifer - Thanks! Can't believe it snowed already!

Elyssa - I lived in Florida so I know what you mean. For me the lack of season change made me a bit crazy. I remember one year in October being at a pumpkin patch wearing a tank top and sweating! I soooo don't miss that!

Heather - Yes, I love the seasons - especially Fall and Spring but they unfortunately don't last very long!

colleen said...

Wow - beautiful pictures! Here in Colorado we get the foliage & I started seeing a bit downtown - but like you the neighborhoods are different. We don't really have mature trees in my hood cuz it's all newer developments so I miss looking out the window at the beautiful colors - like I got in both New England & NYC.
Thanks for sharing the moment!

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