Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween Inspiration - Magazines

I LOVE magazines! I am definitely a magazine junkie. It's such a thrill to buy a new magazine and flip through the pages, oohing and aaahhing over all the great photos. (once in a while I'll actually read an article!) Some magazines I buy, read, tear out the pages I like and throw out the rest. Other magazines I keep. Especially those for Halloween. I love to refer back to them year after year. There's always something new I find that inspires me that maybe I just didn't notice the year before.

My collection keeps growing. This year I added 3 more to the group Two from Martha - given to me when I stopped by their booth at Maker Faire, the other from Phyllis Hoffman. Two of my favorites are from Matthew Mead - can always count on some great eye candy!


Do you have a magazine collection? What are your favorites?

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Heather Fonseca said...

I thought this year's Martha Halloween issue was really cool. I loved her all done up as a Witch. I too love magazines, just wish I had more time and more subscriptions and more places to store them!

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