Friday, October 1, 2010

{I Heart Faces} Fix It Friday #73

I have been reading tons of photography blogs lately!! Seems like I just can't get enough. It could be because I have been taking an online blogging course called Blogging Your Way. It's been so great!! Part of the class is to figure out what your true passions are and to really focus instead of being all over the place. There was a common element for me in all of the exercises we had to do. Photography!! I'm really not surprised. It's been a part of me ever since I was a kid.

So, you may be seeing more photography posts on Total City Girl! I'm pretty excited about it. Feels good to be more focused!

In my travels around all of these other photography sites, I came across a great one called I Heart Faces. Each Friday they have something called Fix It Friday where one of the contributors submits a SOOC (straight out of camera) photo and the readers can download the photo and edit it to their liking.

Here's my first try at it. This was the original photo..

and here are my edits...

For some reason I couldn't open the RAW image, had to go with the JPG - will try next time if available.

Edit 1 - I used Photoshop CS4, cropped, adjusted levels and ran PW Action - Bring On The Eyes, then sharpened slightly

Edit 2 - Photoshop CS4, cropped and ran PW Action - Soft & Faded

Looking forward to next week's photo!


Deborah said...

I think you'll love I Heart Faces, Stacey! I've learned so much about this passion of mine ... still learning ... ever learning! You've done a great job on your first Fix-it-Friday assignment! I especially love the soft & faded image ... I use PSE7, and working toward CS4/5 ... along with Lightroom, but it all takes time, not to mention, $$! You keep up the good work, and drop in to say hi sometime .. I've a list of photography resources, on my page, which I refer to often, not too mention quite a few favs that I follow. I want to check out the link you posted here too, Blogging Your Way! You have a great weekend, and I'm looking forward to seeing more from you! :)

Violet Revolution said...

I kinda like your Edit #1. Sometimes I become a little too obsessed with editing in Photoshop! I find myself always sharpening, brightening, and my favorite, cropping. Not that I'm an expert, but it's a little addictive trying to get the photo "just right." Good luck with your class!

citygirl - Stacey said...

Thanks for sropping by @Borne and @violet! I have a true passion for photography and learn more and more each day. Not sure if you're in the NY area but at B&H, they have free workshops almost every day each month They are a great resource.
Also, the blogging class I took was really amazing! I highly recommend it because you will get so much more out of it than just a better blog.
Going to stop by both of your sites now!

Thanks again,


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