Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halloween Tricks For Your Treats

Isn't Halloween so much fun? I just love it!

I wanted to share with you some simple ideas on how to dress up Halloween candy. These ideas are good if you are planning a party, going to a party, or just want to give someone a nice Halloween gift without breaking the bank.

I like to start with simple items and dress them up. Here are 3 examples of easy ways to get fancy for Halloween.

1 - Candy Corn

A classic Halloween favorite (NOT one of mine...eeek!)

Let's say you have a friend or a client that you know absolutely LOVES candy corn and you thought it would be a nice gesture to send it to them for Halloween. How nice of you! Most candy corn can be found in any grocery store usually like this...


How boring is that?

With some simple changes - a clear cello bag and some coordinating ribbon, your boring grocery store item now looks like this...


Big difference, right?!? Now you have a real gift!

2 - Party Favor

This next idea can work in so many different scenarios. Party favors, place settings at a Halloween dinner party, or even little gifts for your employees. Little gestures go a long way!

You can find inexpensive Halloween containers at any dollar store right now. I found these small plastic cauldrons.


I think they came in a pack of 6 for $1. Great deal!!

You can fill them up with whatever you like. I used Hershey's mini chocolate bars that I wrapped with a personalized wrapper, filled the cauldron and tied a polka dot ribbon on one end.


So cute and it was so simple!

3 - For my next "trick", I'll show you how to dress up this plain black gable box.


I like keeping a bunch of these boxes on hand because they are perfect for so many types of gifts. I try to stay with the solid colors because I can use them for so many different occasions. No sense in getting stuck with a ton of pumpkin themed boxes that you'd have to wait till next Halloween to use again. See, always thinking!

When I was at Costco this weekend I saw that they had their holiday ribbon out. They have amazing deals on ribbon at this time of year. You should definitely check it out. I saw one that was white and had a black velvet design on it. I knew I could use it in an elegant Halloween design as well as for other future events.

I made a double bow with the decorative ribbon and then used an orange satin ribbon to give it a pop of color.


Can you imagine if you were invited to a Halloween party and showed up with a gift wrapped in this elegant design? You know you'll be invited to next year's party for sure!

The funny thing is, as I looked at this ribbon even closer,


I started to see skulls!


Do you see it also?


Am I crazy? Now I can't STOP seeing it!

Here's the recap of the before and after:




Do you give gifts on Halloween? Do you do anything special to celebrate?


mom22 said...

Absolutely adorable Stacey. Thanks for sharing!

Heather Fonseca said...

Where do you find the time to do these adorable craft projects? I've always been horrible with packaging, which is silly because I know how important it is. Those are REALLY cute.

citygirl - Stacey said...

You're welcome momm22! :)

Heather, I had a gift basket business for 17 years so packaging is in my blood! Soooo over the baskets but I still love playing around with packaging Some things you just can't shake :)

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