Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hello Kitty Cake Wreck

A few weeks ago was my daughter's 7th birthday and her big birthday bash. This year she wanted a Justin Bieber / Lady Gaga theme. You may be asking at this point,

"What does Hello Kitty have to do with Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga?

In normal situations, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!

At some point during our party planning, my daughter threw in "I want a Justin Bieber / Lady Gaga party but there also has to be Hello Kitty"


As time went on, I continued to ignore this request and just focused on JB & LG It wasn't until the 11th hour that I finally had an idea of how to tie it in.

We were planning on having cupcakes for the party but she also wanted a small cake so she can blow out the candles. I had so many things going on that the cake was more of an afterthought and I left it for the last minute.

Cake decorating is normally the part I plan and spend most time on but this time I was pretty much winging it, trying to take shortcuts here and there.

Lessons learned:

A - Shortcuts usually turn into long cuts
B - Don't try new techniques hours before the event

This is what will happen...

I baked a small 6 inch cake and made a deep turquoise buttercream icing because it was the same color I was using for the cupcakes.


Now normally I do know that if you're covering a cake with white fondant, you shouldn't use dark buttercream. I had a plan though!! At least I thought I did.

The first thing I wanted to try was this new imprint mat that I bought for another cake but never ended up using it.

It just didn't work. At least not for me.


The imprint didn't come out evenly and in some areas not at all


That was mistake number 1.

Number 2 is up next.

Since the imprint didn't work, I had to cover it somehow. I bought food color spray and thought I could just spray on some color and it may look better. I never used this technique either. When I sprayed the color on, it just started dripping everywhere! I had purple and pink and they were just blending into each other.

Now I had to cover that up!!

I ended up cutting out fondant flowers, large dots and the number 7 for the centers.


It looked way too young and cutesy - nothing like you would expect for a JB / LG party.

Ding Ding!!! This is when the lights went on!! Hello Kitty!!!

I designed a Hello Kitty cake topper, tied a ribbon and placed it on top.


When my daughter woke up and saw the cake she actually LOVED it and said "how did you make a tie dyed cake Mama?"



Fast forward a few hours later to "Happy Birthday" and candle blowing


More party details coming up in a future post. (this will explain the pink wig)

After the candles were blown, the kids were like vultures attacking that poor little cake.


Now it's all just a memory.


Jennifer D said...

I can totally see where you were going with that blue frosting. It was a great idea. Too bad it didn't work but clearly your daughter loved it and Tie Dye is so in right now! ;-)

Great Job Mom, I was thinking you better prepare yourself for her wedding in advance. It sounds like she knows what she wants!

citygirl - Stacey said...

Thanks for including your link Jennifer! The tie dyed onesies are sooooo cute!

Yes, she is VERY you will see when I share the rest of the party details :)

Robyn B. said...

I think it's cute!! Can't wait to hear about the wig - picture is very cool though!!

Heather Fonseca said...

What a wonderful mommy! And I thought I was good for making my usual chocolate chocolate chip cake with a bit of powdered sugar on top.

colleen said...

You get super-mom points for this one! I LOVE the cake - but I've definitely been in your shoes with cake decorating & it's NOT fun! It was totally perfect for O - & complimented her wig so it doesn't get better!

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