Friday, July 30, 2010

Barbie Party Decorations - A Year Too Late

My older daughter's 7th birthday is coming up in September, so the planning (at least thinking) has begun! She thinks about her birthday all year round. She is definitely miss party girl. This year she is torn between a Justin Bieber themed party or having it at a gymnastics place. If it's going to be Justin Bieber, I really have my work cut out for me. The research begins!!

Last year she had a Barbie themed party. I looked everywhere for Barbie party decorations and there were none to be had...ANYWHERE! I improvised by just getting girlie stuff, making a Barbie themed cake, made Barbie personalized chocolate bars, and got miscellaneous Barbie items to try and theme it as a "Barbie" party.

So, this week, while waiting for my family to arrive at the movie theater to see Toy Story 3, I decided to stroll through the neighboring Party City.

Wasn't I surprised when I came across this...


It seems as though Barbie has finally jumped on the party bandwagon. It sure took them long enough! There were so many options now - tattoos, party bags, centerpieces, plates, napkins - you name it!

Only a year too late.

We're moved on to Justin.

HELP!! Would love any ideas you may have for a Justin Bieber party. Was thinking of using posters as decorations. I love planning the food, decorations and party favors. When it comes to the activities though is where my mind completely shuts down.

Would love (and appreciate) your suggestions!


Heather Fonseca said...

Barbie has always had a huge party line (I know I worked on them back in the day!) but maybe your local stores just weren't stocking them.
I don't know what to say about Justin B because I don't know who he is!

citygirl - Stacey said...

Heather - I am so surprised! I'm telling you - I looked in all the stores and even online and couldn't find anything! Very strange. Isn't Party City a big national chain? I would think they would have had it. I even checked smaller stores as well and nothing. Maybe it was a NY thing?

Heather Fonseca said...

I totally don't know what happened. Maybe Party City wasn't stocking them? I don't know why you couldn't find them on-line at least!

Sherryl Perry said...

Stacey, I wish I could help you with ideas about a Justin Bieber party but at my age, I’m impressed I know who he is! I’m sure you’ll come up with some amazing decorations and ideas. I’ll be looking forward to photos and inspiration.

having a {me} day said...

Hi Stacey,
I stumbled across your blog earlier today via flickr and those adorable accordian albums that you make. I have been reading through and through your blog on and off all day long. Yup! Sad I know! But I have had a chuckle or two until there have been tears pouring from my eyes, so has been worth it! In a nice way, of course!! I particularly like your endearment to cupcakes, just WOW!!! Never knew there was so much to it, and am just loving it all!! Your children are just adorable. BUT. Your hair .... NOW, I have naturally curly hair and nothing like yours, which is just awesome and {really} you should quit complaining, but I know that none of us are happy with our lot. I also have the FRIZZ thing going on, like my whole life and it has driven me nuts too. A decade ago I had a fab hairdresser, but I moved away and have drifted from one salon to the other ever since. What a nightmare!! Everywhere I go, I complain about the FRIZZ and my latest hairdresser, who I've seen twice but will probably not go to again, suggested this new style of hair straightening, aimed at people like us, where they straighten your hair and it washes out over between one and three months, but ultimately leaves you frizz free as it nourishes the hair. It is called Keratin Hair Treatment. I haven't had it done as you are not allowed to sweat for 4 days and please ... it is summer, even if I am in England and not NYC! PS. Can't help you with the Justin Bieber theme as I've never heard of him!


citygirl - Stacey said...

For those that don't know him, Justin Bieber is a famous pop singer that the young girls are all in love with! He was recently on The Today Show for a concert and my daughter happened to see it. That was all it took! She's hooked!

Keeley, thanks so much for visitng my blog and for all of the kind words! (and to everone else as well - thanks!) I have heard of the Keratin procedure and I think that is next on my list to try. I know you say I shouldn't complain but my hair really is just out of control. Been tied back all summer! Even my sister agrees that it really needs help. :) I am definitely going to check out your blog. Thanks for taking the time to read through my posts. Will be so happy to tell my mom "Told you so!" She recently complimented me on my blog with a follow up of "It's nice but do you really think anyone else is reading it besides me?" Good thing I am thick skinned! :)

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