Monday, July 19, 2010

Ice Cream Book Winner!

I'm ready to announce the winner of the ice cream book giveaway we had over the weekend.


Are you ready?

The winner was selected randomly using


We had 14 entries, and the winner is....



The winner goes by the name of heelshields and said:

heelshields said...
Oh, forgot to leave my favorites - Chocolate Almond,
Cherries Jubilee, Pistachio, Black Walnut Pralines and Cream and anything that
tastes like Dreamsicles.
July 16, 2010 4:59 PM

Thanks for entering! Keep checking back. There's sure to be another giveaway popping up soon.

Have a great Monday!


HeelShields said...

So, So, So, cool to win the ice cream book. After I entered this contest I ordered an ice cream maker - WOW!!!!

Now I will be able to make my favorite flavors and control the fat content and get inspiration from my new book!

Thanks Total City Girl!!! What a good blog!

HeelShields said...

I got my ice cream book. Let me tell you that every page has a mouth watering photo of another ice cream, gelato or sauce that you can easily make yourself.

Thanks Total City Girl! This was a good win.

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