Monday, July 12, 2010

Pink, Green, Orange & Yellow

This Saturday I had a big chunk of time to myself. You'd think I'd go to a movie, visit friends, get my hair done.


I cleaned out my linen closet.

This is what my life has come down to - sheets and towels.

It had been bugging me for a while now. I had it really nice and neat but for some strange reason (2 kids and a husband) it just got out of control and I couldn't take it anymore. This seemingly simple task literally took me hours!! I emptied the entire closet, got rid of a bunch of old stuff (perfect thing to when there are no witnesses), refolded, reorganized and ahhhh....true bliss - a neat & tidy linen closet.

Could I sound anymore boring?? I can hear you yawning!

OK, There is actually a point to this. While I was decluttering, I came across a new (as in never used) duvet cover that I discovered among my Grandmother's things when she died years ago.


The color combination - pink, green, orange & yellow, along with the whimsical daisy pattern, had such a retro feel to it. It also felt very summery, and since it is indeed summer, I thought it was a perfect time to switch out our bedding. I found some sheets, pillow cases and shams (in my super neat closet) that kind of went with the new cover. Not perfect, but good enough.


Do you ever see something that brings you back to a different time in your life? Well this cover certainly did that for me. When I was growing up, every summer my family went to a bungalow colony in the Catskills. We had the best time there. The pattern and colors of this cover reminded me of that time. If you've never been to a bungalow colony, it's a cross between the movies "Dirty Dancing" and "A Walk On The Moon" If you haven't seen either of these movies, rent them. NOW!

My new cover got me in the mood to look for other things with this color scheme. So, of course I turn to my favorite place for inspiration - flickr!!

This is what I discovered...

Such creative lollipops!

Pop Stars 4

Pretty flowers...

yellow, orange, and pink

Cute hair clips...

Mix it Up! Circle Hair Clips

I love how these leaves have all the colors blended into one...

Leaf Pink 2

Vinko Sunde

Guess Grandma wasn't the only one that liked this color combo.

Come to think of it, she never did use it though! No matter, I like it!!

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun, or were you just productive like me?

I'm listening - tell me all about it!


Jennifer D said...

Gorgeous duvet! That would make a great tablecloth too.

I adore both of those movies too...ah youth.

citygirl - Stacey said...

Jennifer - when I first saw it in the packaging, I thought it WAS a tablecloth!!

Tammy said...

Why don't I get such pretty colors when I clean out my linen closet? LOL

Unknown said...

My great grandma, who lived in California, had those colors in her wallpaper in her kitchen. I will have to grab the photo from my granny & scan it into an email so I can send it to you. You'll laugh because the wall is SO tacky-looking, but the colors were still vibrant even though the wallpaper had been there since my granny was a little girl!

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