Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Book That Started It All

A few years ago, my family (the hubbs, the girls and I) lived in "hot as heck" Florida. The rest of my family was here in NY. My girls were little then, They're still little so I guess I should say littler. I took tons of pictures of them! My Jewish, loves-to-lay-on-the-guilt-without-even-knowing-it mom loved to get photos in her e-mail from me...EVERYDAY!!!! If I skipped a day, believe me, I would hear it.

"I see you didn't get a chance to send pictures today. What do the girls look like?"

It's hard to explain that they really didn't change much in 24 hours. It was so much easier to just keep sending the photos. Now it's even easier since we're back home and only 10 blocks away. She can see them whenever she wants!

So, it was January of 2007 and the hubbs' birthday was coming up and I didn't have a gift for him. Ding Ding!! I DID have all those photos I took! I decided rather than going out in the FL heat to buy a gift, I would just make him one with some of the photos. I decided to make a book - an accordion scrapbook, but I wanted to make the actual book myself.

The thought of scrapbooking always appealed to me but I could never get into the larger 12 X 12 books. I just didn't have the time. Plus, there are so many great papers out there that I wanted to use the paper that I loved for the covers of the book. I also wanted to make it smaller - 6 1/2 inch square would be a perfect size for me. So, I figured out how to make it and this was the result...


My first handmade book ever!

I picked that particular paper because I really liked the pattern and color scheme.

Then I looked through a bunch of my photos and selected the ones I liked best. Since it was an accordion book, I dedicated one side of the book to my little one and the other side to my older daughter.


I was really happy with the way it came out. So was the hubbs! He loved this gift! My girls still enjoy looking through that book. (and the others I've made since then)

Here's a sampling of what I did - my older one:


My little one...


I thought it would make it more interesting to include more than just photos - hence the hand and foot prints.

I showed it to my friends and they really liked it as well. So much so that they started asking me to make books for them!

Since then, I have been selling them at local fairs and I even had them at a store in FL.

Now I am still making them and will soon be adding them to my ETSY Shop as well as my website (once I get that darn shopping cart done!)

Here's a sneak peek at what I've been working on.

I always start with the covers. PVA glue and a bone folder are a bookmaker's best friends!


I have a bunch for Fall (my favorite season)



along with everyday occasions.


I love this little owl! Wouldn't this be great for back to school or a teacher's gift?


Or these fun girlie ones? Some even have glitter!


This sweet design would be great for a couple that just got engaged...


The possibilities are endless!

Do you like to scrapbook? How about taking photographs? Do they all just end up on your camera? You can tell us!


Susan Oakes said...

Hi Stacey,

I must admit my photos are in the camera and on the computer. I love the way you added the hand and foot prints as it adds another dimension.

I have not tried putting them in a scrapbook, but I like the idea of the endless possibilities you could do to make each one personal.

Patricia Weber said...

I'm not a scrap booker. I upload my photos regularly to my computer from my camera. Sometimes I will create a sendoutcard with a photo but most of the time, I have my photos right in front of me on the "screen". I do think it's a lovely idea!

Laura Sherman said...

Wow, these are amazing pages! I love the accordion style.

I fell off of scrapbooking midway though my son's. He's 6 now and I have two more children, so it is a little overwhelming to get back into it. :-)

Your children will cherish these!

Heather Fonseca said...

And you did all this with a baby and a toddler running around! Well I'm really impressed. All I could do when they were that age was complain.

Your scrapbooks are beautiful. So are your children.

I like to leave my photos on the computer, and when I have a little money I upload them to shutterfly and make as many photo books as I can afford. I make doubles and give them to family for Christmas too.

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