Friday, July 23, 2010

{Recipe} Bacon & Egg "Cupcakes"

I don't know about you, but during the week my mornings are so hectic. Making lunches, packing bags, it's a miracle we actually get out on time. So my breakfast is usually a bowl of cereal. More specifically Multi Grain Cheerios with a sprinkling of cranberry pecan granola on top. Very exciting, I know.

The weekends however are a different story. We usually don't have anything early planned which gives us some time to have a hot breakfast. Eggs are a favorite around here but last weekend instead of the traditional bacon, eggs and toast, I wanted to change things up a bit. Yes, we still had bacon, eggs and toast, but in the form of a CUPCAKE!! It's really all about the presentation.

Here goes:

Take some sliced bread and take off the crusts.


We only have sliced wheat bread in our house but I'm sure white bread will work great. It's so doughy! I actually got this idea from watching a recent episode of $10 Dinners on the Food Network. The host, Melissa d'Arabian was making some kind of cheese and tomato tart and she used this same method with white bread. Don't know how that made me think of bacon & eggs, but somehow it did. Who knows how the mind works, right?!?

Then you want to flatten it out with a rolling pin or whatever else you may have on hand. (the side of a can will work)


See how flat it got? Crazy, huh?!?



Next you want to melt some butter and brush it on both sides of the bread. This will be the "toast" part of our breakfast.

Take a muffin tray and place the bread inside. Make sure it's flat against the bottom and sides.


Put it in the oven for about 10 minutes at 350 degrees - you want it to brown up a bit and get crispy so when you take it out it holds it's shape.

Now personally I like scrambled eggs - I don't like a runny yoke. I would really prefer to just eat the egg whites (which many times I do) but for this I made scrambled. I didn't want it too dry and not too wet - somewhere in the middle.

For the bacon, I keep it in the freezer so it's easier to cut. I cut the bacon crosswise into little slices and then cooked it the way you normally would. Another option would be to just keep it whole and crumble it up after it cooks. Your choice.

Then, it's assembly time. Pop the bread out of the muffin tins, fill it with the eggs and top it off with your crumbled bacon.


There you have it - a new twist on your bacon, eggs & toast breakfast - made to look like cupcakes!


Hope you like it! Will you try it this weekend? Let me know if you do.


Julia M Lindsey said...

These look great. I am going to make them this weekend. I am always looking for unique breakfast ideas.

Grace said...

Hey Stacey, these look so yummy, I make something a little similar but I use ham instead of the bread to make a cup and then place it on english muffins. I really like this idea it's all in one. I think I will be making those for Sunday breakfast, thanks for your creativity!

Susan Oakes said...

Hi Stacey,

These do look delicious and I must try the recipe. I agree with you about runny yolks and thanks for the tip about the bacon. I would not have thoght about putting it in the freezer.


Tammy said...

That sounds like something I can do. I like the pictures.

Catarina Alexon said...

That's the most attractive bacon & eggs I have ever seen! Am used to living in London and bacon & eggs British style is not my cup of tea.

Audrey said...

Wow that looks yummy!
Got to try it.....

HeelShields said...

I just saw a new twist on this - the cups were made with bacon instead of bread and filled with eggs. Two terrific brunch ideas - one cup turkey bacon and eggs and the other regular bacon cups filled with eggs - YUMMO!

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