Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Happy Birthday Boy

Recently my friend Pam asked if I could help her out with her little guy's 3rd birthday party. Of course I can! She wanted me to design the cupcakes and party favors. Two things I love to do!!

The party was at Chuck E. Cheese's in Harlem.

Chuck E Cheese-1

Chuck E Cheese-4

My dilemma was how I was going to deliver the cupcakes because it was a really hot day and I didn't want the icing to melt. Also, I had my little one with me so I had to coordinate her, the cupcakes and the party favors. I had 2 choices - to either ice the cupcakes when I got there, or drive in (instead of taking the subway). I actually came up with a third and even better option. I asked my sister to drive us down! That way, I wouldn't have to worry about parking and walking with the cupcakes. (and my daughter) Genius!!

For the cupcakes, I was told he likes the color red and sports balls - specifically baseballs and basketballs. So, I started designing. We also thought it would be cute to have his face on the cupcake topper so I made 2 different designs.

Sports balls...

Sports ball cupcake topper

and the others with his cute little face.

Birthday Boy Cupcakes-1

This one got both designs. It must have been the birthday boy's.


I used red icing with blue and yellow cupcake liners.

Birthday Boy Cupcakes-2

When it was time to sing the Happy Birthday song, they brought out the Chuck E. Cheese's mascot.

Chuck E Cheese-3

I think it freaked out the kids. (do you blame them?) He was politely asked to leave.

Time to blow out the candles,

Birthday Boy - 1

Birthday Boy - 1

and eat the cupcakes. Looks like he liked them!

Happy Birthday Boy-1

Happy Birthday Boy - 1

Apparently, so did my daughter.

Red Lips

For the favors, Pam already bought some of the items but she also wanted personalized mini chocolate bars and lollipops and have them all wrapped up together in one package.

For the chocolate bars, I put his face on the front with a birthday message on the back, and the lollipops just had his face.

I designed a card to match the cupcake toppers that was used as the top of the favor bag.

Party Favors

Sometimes designing for boys is a bit harder than for girls but I think these came out pretty cute!

Since I've been getting requests for party designs, I thought I would add them to my Etsy Shop. What themes do you like for boys parties? Anything special for girls?

What about adults? (we like to have parties too!)

I'll let you know when they're available.


Kati said...

That looks like a super cute Chuck E Cheese party.. not "cheesy" at all. Love it!!

Grace said...

What a fantastic idea! They look fabulous. I love the red lips, so absolutely adorable.

Catherine Lockey said...

Perfect presentation from your party favors to your cupcake display. Wonderful.

pam said...

They were the cutest looking and best tasting cupcakes and fun party favors ever! The kids and parents LOVED them!! Stacey's cool creations made Cooper's birthday party extra special!!

Heather Fonseca said...

Great photos!

Bindhurani said...

Very cute cupcakes!!!Thanks for sharing the story. You rock!!!

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