Friday, July 2, 2010

Patriotic Cake Balls

Earlier this week I told you about some rainbow cake pops I made. Well, when I was making the cake pops, I put aside about a dozen or so cake balls and froze them so I could make some easy treats for this upcoming 4th of July holiday.

This time though, I didn't make them into pops, but instead kept them as balls. Cake balls - I don't know if I like that term. I may have to think of something else to call them. Any ideas??

This time I dipped them into white candy melts - I think I did a better job at getting it smoother. Not perfect, but definitely better. Then I dyed some of the extra white melted candy melts with a blue gel food coloring to get the desired blue that I wanted. I put it into a squeeze bottle and just started drizzling away. While it was still wet, I sprinkled on some red cake sparkles.

Patriotic Cake Balls-1

Then I was thinking of how to present these little guys. If you're hosting a party and having a dessert bar, I think a fun way would be to place them in martini glasses. Very elegant!

Patriotic Cake Balls-3

If you want to send your guests home with some treats, package a few of them in a clear cello bag and top with some red, white and blue ribbon. They'll love it! (and YOU!)

Patriotic Cake Balls-2

Let me know if you make anything fun for the holiday. Would love to hear about it!

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