Monday, July 26, 2010

{Gotta Have It!} Polka Dot Cupcake Liners

I have a serious problem. I can't go to Michael's and NOT buy something. The other day I was there, just looking around my favorite sections - scrapbooking, ribbons and cake decorating. I just shouldn't have gone into the cake decorating section. It gets me all the time!

There's a whole wall of cupcake liners - large, small, in lots of new fun patterns. When I came across these, I just had to have them.


Maybe it's the cute size, or maybe it was the fun array of colors,


or it could have been all those polka dots that put me over the edge.


Whatever it was, I had to have them and I had to get EVERY color they came in!


Now I have to get busy baking again.

Or maybe I'll just admire them for a while.

What is your weakness? Believe me, I have plenty more where that came from.

More on that later this week! (there's a hint in these pictures though)


Unknown said...

I'm SO with you - I can't get outta Michael's OR a bookstore without serious damaged to the wallet. Nowadays I'm broke so I can't even go there to 'look' - since we all know looking costs around $100 generally speaking. :)

citygirl - Stacey said...

I love bookstores also! I'll always leave with at least a magazine. :)

Catarina's World said...

Love your photographs Stacey - or should I say City Girl? Makes me want a cup cake.

Sherryl Perry said...

Who would have ever thought an article on polka dot cupcake liners would make me feel like baking? In July? Love your posts!

Grace said...

Hey Stacey I just bought the blue, green and purple ones last week. Have to ask, hope you know the trick, how do you keep them vibrant when baking. Whenever I use liners such as these, once the cupcake is baked, you can't see the design any longer. Is there a trick to using them?

Julia M Lindsey said...

I try to stay away from Michaels because I always see great ideas for gifts, but I rarely have time to make them. I love beads,oil paint and paper.

Of course I love bookstores and always leave with at least one book. I always rationalize that I can do a book review when I am done with the book.

Your polka dot cupcake liners remind me of great baking adventures when my children were at home. I do miss that. enjoy your time!

citygirl - Stacey said...

Grace, I don't think there is a trick. I think it all depends on the liner you use. I have had better luck with darker colored liners and great success with the foil ones. Here is a place that supposedly has opaque liners. I haven't bought from them yet though. Confectionery House -

Susan Oakes said...

I haven't seen these in Australia and they do look great.

I like bookstores but I am definitely a sucker for homeware stores. Love the kitchen gadgets and always leave with something.

Jeannette Paladino said...

Stacey -- what a great idea! Love the creativity. Wouldn't it be fun to give a bunch of polka dot cupcake liners to a group of children and ask them to create some montages or whatever else their imaginations come up with. TV and social media are hogging their time. It would be so much more helpful to unleash their creativity to play with "found things" like cupcake liners.

Rob Berman said...

Over the last few years I have noticed that kids prefer cupcakes to a big cake for birthdays. Your polka dots liners would be a hit at a party.


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