Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Wednesday Night In The City

Last night I was supposed to attend a Learning Annex class in the city. After trekking down there by subway, almost about a minute after reaching street level, I get a call from the hubbs saying they cancelled the class!!

Yes, I was a bit annoyed. I was really looking forward to the class. But hey, I was STILL in the city, right?!? Gotta make the best of it. :)

Move on to Plan B.

My friend asked me to pick up a few things for her at the AmericanGirl store. There's one on 5th Avenue so that was going to be my first stop. That store is huge!!! All I can say is I am soooo glad my girls haven't discovered these dolls yet. Let's hope the Barbie phase lasts a while longer. Like years!!

Next stop Pinky's Salon on 6th Avenue to get my eyebrows threaded. 7 bucks. 2 minutes. Done.

Then I met my friend Justin and we ended up going to the Bryant Park Holiday Market. I was there last week but just had to go back. I LOVE it!!! Please please please if you are in the city this holiday, you MUST stop by!! The atmosphere is so festive! You can even go ice skating and it won't break the bank - only about $12 or so.

We headed right over to the Max Brenner booth. This is also a must!! We each had a cup of their thick Italian Hot Chocolate. It was INSANE!!!! We both stopped after the first sip and just looked at each other. All we could say was "whoa!!"

This was chocolate that had to be sipped s l o w l y. You have to savor every little drop. You can feel the thick warm chocolate making it's way throughout your body - just warming up your insides. So delicious!!

You know how I love packaging? Well, they had this product that I thought was so creative. It was a chocolate syringe!! Really - a big plastic syringe filled with melted chocolate so each time you need a fix, you squirt a shot in your mouth.

Pure genius.

Well, that was my Wednesday night.

Oh yeah, except for the part where afterwards he also took me to a friend's holiday office party. I know the friend, but I wasn't invited.

Does that officially make me a party crasher??

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