Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gift Show Pics

This past Saturday I did my last holiday gift show at my daughter's school in Riverdale. It was a very festive event - music playing, great holiday decorations, fun activities for the kids, lots of snacks, and great vendors.

Wanted to share some pics of my display. I had an assortment of items.

Accordion photo books,




gift tags, soapy pops, and sparkly accessories. It's funny how for each show you never know what's going to be the popular item. This time it was the headbands, another time it was the books. Keeps me on my toes!



I decided not to show the personalized chocolate bars this time. Just not enough room on my table!

There were a few other vendors that stood out that I wanted to mention.

Sam Noronha - great original framed artwork using alcohol ink.

Besides being a fine artist, she's also a craft artist. She makes magnets and necklaces out of dominos. She had a cute little penguin that I couldn't resist. My little one LOVES penguins!


At these shows there's always a ton of jewelry vendors. There was a woman there named Rina S. Young. Her sterling silver jewelry really stood out from the crowd.

She made every piece! Amazing!! You can find some of her beautiful creations online at Artful Home.

Turns out she's also a city girl. I knew I liked her.

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