Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bowling Party

Last week my nephew turned 4. He's a Christmas Baby, which to many people may seem like the most special day of the year. Unless of course, if you're Jewish. Then it's just a day dedicated to going to the movies and eating Chinese food - which isn't a bad thing.

Unless it's your birthday.


Poor kid never gets to have his party on his actual birthday. No one is around. So this year, it was on Christmas Eve day, right before the holiday rush.

My sister wanted to surprise him with a bowling party and I of course was in charge of the cake (or in this case, cupcakes) and party favors. I had to make them extra cute to try to win him over. We'll always have a special bond (even though he doesn't know it yet) because I came up with his name. He doesn't like me though. Maybe after this he will.

I had a lot of fun coming up with cute bowling designs for him.

I'll start off with the cupcakes.

His favorite color is blue so I had to somehow incorporate blue into the design. I started by making cupcake toppers with blue circles and I found bowling clipart and personalized it with his name.

I baked up a batch of lemon vanilla cupcakes and when they cooled, the fun decorating part began!

I decided to tint the icing (buttercream) the same color as the blue in the cupcake topper. I also wanted to make little bowling pins and bowling balls to go on top of the cupcakes. Nothing is too cute for my nephew.

Using fondant, I first molded the pins. Once the bowling pins were dry, I added the red lines using edible marker.


While the pins were drying, I started on the bowling balls


I have to say, I think they came out so cute!!



I was just hoping my sister and more importantly, my nephew would like them also.


There's the smile! "Wow, I have the best aunt!"



Next on the list was to design the party favors. The main attraction to the goodie bags were these personalized chocolate bars.


They were perfect since they coordinated with the whole bowling theme. I customized the wrapper with a personalized message on the front and each kid's name on the back.


My sister had a few extra items she wanted to include so I made up goodie bags with the 3 items, and created a bag topper with bowling themed cardstock.


The whole event was a success. I think I hit a strike with this one!

Oh don't worry little one, your birthday is next!


I'm making a lion cake for you. Unlike your brother, I don't even need to score points with you.

You already love me.

Right?!? Right?!?


Jason said...

Pretty fantastizizlistic! I am inspired by your effort here, pretty awesome! - JACE!

Bakerella said...

They are fabulous. Love the tags.

Couture and Crayons said...

OMG. I was just searching for bowling theme parties and came across this post. So creative. And a big thanks for the fondant idea for the cupcakes because my daughter is allergic to dairy. Fondant will work for a topper!

Super cute party!

Janice (Couture and Crayons)

citygirl - Stacey said...

Thanks Janice! These were really fun to make. I entered this design in a creative cupcake contest back in the summer and won! Send a link to yours when they're done. Would love to see how they come out!

MKR Creations said...

love your blog very creative!

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