Sunday, December 20, 2009

First Big Snow In NYC

Last night the news kept saying there was going to be a big snowstorm overnight. Well, they were right! When my girls woke up, this is what they saw outside


I love how trees look with snow on the branches.

You know what snow means, right?!? Time to break out the sleds! Good thing I bought the girls snow boots yesterday. Good mom.

Too bad I forgot the snow gloves. Bad mom.

So, we head over to our nearby park and get ready for some fun. I figure the hubbs can handle the sleds while I handle my camera. Someone's gotta capture these moments, right?!?

Ready, set, go!


"This is fun!"




"Hey, where'd my sled go?"


"Beats me."


"Got it!"


One time down was enough for them. Time to build a snowman.


Or in this case, snowhead.


Good thing they came prepared - chick peas for the eyes, carrots for the nose and string beans for the... mustache?!? What happened to the nose? Guess they got hungry.

In an extra whiny voice I hear "We want to go home. Our hands are freezing!"


Like I said before, bad mom.

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