Monday, November 9, 2009

Justin and The Secret Burger Joint

Last week I went to a 40th birthday party in the city for my friend Jason. It was a lot of fun! I just LOVE going out!! It was at a place called Bottega down on 16th and 9th. Jason has a brother named Justin. I'm also friends with him. Both are great guys but completely different personalities!!

Seeing Justin reminded me about a post Ive been wanting to write and just kept forgetting about. So, here goes...

I met my friend Justin for lunch a while ago. We've been friends for a long time now.

Here's Justin.

He's my "computer go-to guy". You know how you have a "guy" for this, and a "guy" for that? There's always a "guy" for one thing or another. Really, just think about it. Whenever I have a computer issues, he's the one I turn to. He's probably the smartest guy I know when it comes to computers. He's probably really smart about other things as well, but for me, he's my computer guy. He's the one that told me years ago to register for my gift basket business. Wasn't that smart?!? I sold it last year at an auction on Thanks Justin!!!

We were going to meet in the 50's on the west side near his office. I waited on the corner across from Radio City. Of course I had my camera with me so I started snapping away. I felt like such a tourist but at least it gave me something to do while I was waiting.

Here are some pics I took...

Radio City

Street vendors

Even a couple of guys asked if I would take their pic. I think they thought I was a professional photographer. I just love that! So, I obliged.

Justin arrived and said there was a burger joint in the nearby hotel Parker Meridian. Burgers? Sure, why not. When we got to the hotel, I didn't see any restaurant. What's going on?? He started walking towards this wall that was covered with burgundy drapes from floor to ceiling.

This was weird, but I still followed.

Then all of a sudden he almost looked like he was walking INTO the curtain but instead goes around the corner and there I see it - the neon burger sign.


To me it just looked like a decoration.

We walk towards the neon sign and around the corner, There it is - The Burger Joint!! That's the actual name! It was a very small, crowded place filled mostly with guys in suits and women most likely on their lunch break. It felt so secretive though that I started looking around at the people and started making stories up in my head about them. Nah, they couldn't just be here for lunch, right?!? Why go to such a secretive place? Could the burgers be that good? I don't know, we'll have to see.

I really liked all the hand written signs around the place.



I especially like this one..


There was even a special way that you had to order. As a newbie I had no clue so I just told Justin what I wanted and he ordered for us.

Everyone is eying everyone else to hurry up and eat so you can get their table. It's a fight to the finish. Who's going to get the table first. Score! We got one!!

We each had a burger, shared fries, he had a shake and I think I had Sprite or something. The burgers were good but I wouldn't say it was THE BEST burger in NY. I guess others disagreed with me.

So, there you have it. Do you go to the Burger Joint for the burgers..or the secrets??


Unknown said...

Having known Justin and Stacey for a l-o-n-g time now -- this is a great story! Justin has to be one of the smartest guys on the planet - period. Stacey - you are way better at creative arts than me -- but I guess I am just a guy! Cheers! -Nick

Unknown said...

That's one of my favorite places to have a burger!!!! Damnit. Now everyone knows about it. lol

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