Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Butternut Squash

I bet you're thinking I'm going to give you some great butternut squash recipe to try just in time for Thanksgiving tomorrow, right?!?

Nope - nothing to do with food. What then you ask is Butternut Squash, if not a food item?

A paint color. A paint color I thought I wanted to use on my dining room walls. A paint color that looked really pretty on the swatch under the lights at Home Depot. A paint color I bought and now regret.

We decided a while ago we wanted to paint our dining area. The walls were disgusting already - filled with fingerprints from 2 little girls that love to paint, eat their dinner with their fingers, and use anything other than their napkins to wipe their hands with. Well, that white wall met its match and lost.

I was going for that earthy look. Every time I eat at Panera I notice how much I like their color scheme. The walls are a nice earthy yellow color, nice black & white photos hanging on the walls, dark wood furniture. I want that look for my dining area.

We bought the paint about a month ago and it's been sitting in our closet just waiting to be used. Since we're having Thanksgiving at our place this year, that's just the push we needed to get that room painted. That, and the fact that my in laws were coming. It's always different when your in laws come over, Ever notice that? My mom knows me. She knows I can be a "little" messy from time to time. Who am I kidding - ok, a lot messy, a lot of the time, but who's counting?!? So, there's a little dust here, maybe even more dust there, but she's OK with it. She's used to it. Now that my in laws will be coming, we have less than 24 hours to clean this place up!! So, why am I spending time blogging?? Oh, yeah - the paint.

Here's what the walls looked like just as we were getting ready to paint:


Try to ignore my messy kitchen please.


Let's open up that can now - nice - looking normal so far.


Until, we start to paint and I notice I need my sunglasses!!! What happened to the nice butternut squash color?? The hubbs wanted to put 2 coats. OK - maybe it will darken it.

Nope - still need my shades. As the light changes during the day, it goes from a "taxicab yellow" to "school bus yellow" and now even an orange color. My girls asked "Mama, why did you paint the walls orange? We want pink." I think I'd settle for pink now also.

Only 3 days until Turkey Day!! So, yesterday I decided I have to live with it until at least after Thanksgiving so i went out and bought a new tablecloth and candles.


It helped a bit but definitely not the look I want. My whole dining room needs a complete overhaul!! Too much to think about when I've got to start cooking.

And cleaning.

And I'm definitely not making butternut squash this year.


Anonymous said...

Okay, but I LIKE IT!!! I'm sure it may look different in person, but I LIKE IT!!

Anonymous said...

That "anonymous" comment was from me!

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