Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thanksgiving Giveaway

I've been so busy lately that it wasn't until I actually took a break, plopped myself down on the couch, put on Foodnetwork and saw every show was about Thanksgiving, that I realized Thanksgiving was next week already!! How did that happen?

I LOVE Thanksgiving!! Thanksgiving and Halloween are my 2 favorite holidays. Mmmm - I can't wait to have my mom's turkey!! She makes THE BEST turkey ever!! So simple but so yummy! Stuffing too. What could be better than stuffing with gravy poured all over it?!? Only 9 more days until I'm in stuffing heaven!!

I'm doing Thanksgiving at my house. I always do. I like it that way. Can eat our own food, cook exactly what we like, and we don't have to travel. I like having lots and lots of people but this year everyone is spread out so I think it's going to be a small one. You know what that means...more STUFFING for ME!! YAY!!

To show how giving I am and to celebrate Thanksgiving, I'm having a little giveaway.

I'm giving away 1 dozen Thanksgiving themed personalized chocolate bars.

They can be used as place settings, hostess gifts, going around to your clients and wishing them a Happy Thanksgiving, or of course, just hoarding them all for yourself. That wouldn't be very "giving" though, would it?!?

The wrappers can be personalized on the front


and the back


so there's plenty of room to say your thanks.

Here's what you do to enter:

At the bottom of this post there is a link called "Comments". Click on the link and it will bring you to the Comments section.

Tell me:

What are you doing this Thanksgiving?

Are you cooking, going to a family member, going to a restaurant - whatever it is, I want to know.

Now, here are the rules:

One entry per person

Entries will be accepted through noon tomorrow - Wednesday 11/18.

Winner will be selected at random and announced around 8pm also tomorrow - Wednesday 11/18.

Make sure there's a way for me to contact you - an e-mail address or something in the comment.
(Chocolate bars are classic Hershey's© Milk Chocolate bars)

Can't wait to hear what you guys are up to!!

Good luck!


Donna said...

The Femia's have all been invited to the newleyweds for this, their very first thanksgiving as husband and wife!! We will get to eat on my gift of service for 12 Lenox, since there will be 15 of us. the trip to De. I am hopeful will be uneventful and hoping to do the traditional "Black Friday" trek for my annual Disney Snowglobe from JC Penney's. Hope everyone stays healthy and has a wonderful day on your end!! LuvxoxoxoDonna
732-446-4238 in the event i win!!

Anonymous said...

back by popular demand - cooking mash potatoes. The kind with whole milk, real butter, skins on and just waiting for gravy.

Lisa said...

We will be in Israel this Thanksgiving and the funniest question we are getting is, "Will you be doing Thanksgiving in Israel?"

Susie said...

We'll be with my parents this Thanksgiving. My parents are enjoying the simplicity of retired life with little cooking and lots of restaurants. So we'll be attending Thanksgiving buffet at their club. You can probably imagine that DQ is all about buffets with a big slab of red meat at the end of the line. Sorry I don't have anything more homemade to share! Susie Q.

Rita L said...

Going to my most wonderful sister-in-law, Lucille, and her family and then going to a hotel in the Catskills with some dear friends.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Rita L.

Anonymous said...

Last year we spent so much money having family over and had so much leftover food that no one wanted the next day (or ever) that this year we're taking everyone out to eat.

I get to eat with my family, sit not serve and don't have to worry about clean up or finding room in the refrigerator for food no one has any intention of eating again.

And it will cost us less than last year and we'll enjoy it more. i still have to clean the house though! We'll start here with a veggie platter and drinks, go to a local restaurant for dinner and come back to our house for coffee and warm pecan pie (Whole Foods makes the best) and ice cream.

I can't wait!

Hope said...

It will be a quiet Thanksgiving here this year. Just the immediate family, the 5 of us and of course my inlaws, whom I love dearly. At least we will all fit comfortably at the dining room table! My husband is cooking everything! He has become quite a cook since taking the job over from his aging parents. Every year the turkey tastes better and better! My daughter has made a box of thank you notes describing what she is thankful for over the year. It is very cute and she tries to get her brothers to do the same. Good Luck!! Well anyway, I wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Maria D. said...

I'm not doing the cooking this year, but I love to make mashed TURNIPS! Many people are intimidated by them, but they are really delicious! Cut/slice away the wax rind and them chop them and boil them the same way you would for mashed potatoes. When the turnip is fork-tender, drain them and add lots of butter, milk (or cream) and salt and pepper! Yum!

Steve said...

Krys and I are having a three-week Thanksgiving with my parents.

Last week we took them to Vegas to see Bette Midler and Neil Sedaka. This week we're going to hear the Forth Worth Symphony play holiday songs.

And next week, I'll be eating (I mean we'll be eating) a dozen Thanksgiving themed personalized chocolate bars...I hope!

Happy Thanksgiving Stacey,


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