Friday, August 20, 2010

{Field Trip Fridays} Pop Tarts World - NYC

For the second edition of Field Trip Fridays, I'm sticking with the "pop" theme - but just a bit different than last week.

When I was a kid, just like I'm sure many others out there, I LOVED Pop Tarts! But I was very particular - only liked the strawberry filling with the white frosting on top. When you popped them in the toaster, as they were heating up you could just smell the sweet goodness that was about to pop out. Mmmmm!!

So fast forward to my adulthood and it had been a while since I tasted a pop tart again. The last time I had one I remember it being too sweet. My taste buds have definitely changed since childhood. I don't have as much of a taste for sweets as I used to. In fact, as far as cereal goes, the sweetest I could handle now is Multi Grain Cheerios. My favorite used to be those yellow Sugar Pops. (which are now called Corn Pops)

When I heard that a store just opened up in Times Square that was all about Pop Tarts, I thought - how can that be? I just HAD TO check it out. So, this week's field trip is to Pop Tarts World in Times Square.

You can definitely see the store from far away - huge billboards and everything is blue!



As you get closer, it's almost like a mystery of how to get in. Oh - there's the door!


As blue as it was outside, is as blue as it is inside - maybe even bluer!

There are large Pop Tarts boxes used for decorations as well as more Pop Tart art on the walls.



As I made my way around the store, I saw there was a lot going on.

There's merchandise - everything from clothes


including Create Your Own t-shirts


to lip balm.


For all of you gamers out there, there's a section just for you. See, they thought of everyone!


You can even make up your own gift packs


using the Varietizer. (sounds fancy!) Looks like a giant vending machine - filled with Pop Tarts!!


You get to pick 6 different flavors - each flavor containing 2 tarts.


In the back of the store is where you can order your custom Pop Tarts. The menu is filled with lots of choices.


You tell them which flavor you want - I chose berry (old habits die hard). Then you have to let them know how you want it - frozen, room temperature or heated. I chose heated.

Next come the toppings - I selected pink sprinkles with chopped nuts.


Looks pretty!!


By the time I was ready to eat my Pop Tart, the toppings had fallen off. Bummer!

By the way, if you have nut allergies, this is not the place for you - they made it very clear...


As I was on line waiting to order my Pop Tart, I kept hearing people talk about the Pop Tarts sushi. I became very curious. I had to see what this was all about.

Looks like sausage but it's really fruit rollups with crumbled Pop Tarts in the middle.


I have to say, I liked the sushi better than the actual Pop Tart!

OK, the tour is almost over but I saved the best part for last. The bathroom!


I thought this was the most creative section of the store - custom made Pop Tart tiles!! Wow!! How great is that?!?


All in all, I was glad I stopped by. If you love Pop Tarts, you will definitely like this store! And remember to try the sushi!!

What's your favorite Pop Tart flavor?


Lisa said...

LOVE the bathroom tile.

Jennifer D said...

I loved Pop Tarts but I agree with you as an adult they are too sweet. I don't understand those Toaster Strudel commercials that imply kids would prefer Toaster Strudel over Pop Tarts... not me.

I love these Friday Field Trips!
The bathroom tile is the best part for sure.

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