Friday, August 27, 2010

{Field Trip Fridays} The Bronx Zoo

Our field trip today takes us to the outer boroughs into The Bronx. The Bronx Zoo to be exact.

Something I will never do again.

I'm not saying I won't go to The Bronx Zoo again. The girls love it.

What I'm saying is I won't go to The Bronx Zoo:

A - on a Wednesday (donation Day - which basically means pay what you want)
B - in the summer
C - when all the kids in NY are done with camp and school hasn't started yet

Everyone in NY apparently had the same idea that day because they were ALL at The Bronx Zoo with us.

This was the most crowded I had ever seen it. So crowded in fact that the main parking lot was full so they directed us to the other parking lot. Miraculously I found it. When we got there, there wasn't any room there either. They directed us to some cleared out grassy areas in the back. It felt like we just kept driving and driving until we finally found a small patch to park in. I didn't think we'd ever find our way back to the car!

Fortunately I had my 2 copilots with me.

My older one is a trip.

"Bub, what's with the Carol Channing wig?"


"Huh? It's Wacky Wednesday Mama, don't you know?!?"

Apparently I forgot to check the calendar.

Although it was crowded, we still managed to see some animals. We did have to skip some exhibits because the lines were just way too long.

My girls always like to go to the Children's Zoo section but this time we were parked all the way on the other side of the zoo. As we were making our way across the park, we saw...



a polar bear,


and deer. They always look for deer on the side of the road so they were thrilled to find some here. (and I was thrilled they were alive - not always the case on the side of the road!)


There's a separate entrance fee to the Children's Zoo - each ticket is $4 - went up a dollar from our last visit. (so did the parking)

The Children's Zoo is great because it's very interactive.

Firs we come to oversized birds nests, Doesn't look too comfortable.


Unless you're a bird, of course.


This is their favorite part - the girls like to call it the beaver holes.


The "beavers" are actually prairie dogs.

Look at this - the top dog is holding a stick trying to get the leaf out of their hole. His buddy is there for support. What teamwork!


Besides having a giant slide and lots of things to climb on, there are actually animals in the Children's Zoo!

Ducks (or maybe they're geese),


owls taking a little siesta,




alpaca (bet you thought it was a llama, right?)




This guy doesn't look too thrilled. Do you blame him?


and I think this was a cow


Honestly, I can't stare at that photo all day.

After making our way around the Children's Zoo and a good hand washing, we head on over to the Dancing Crane Cafe for lunch. I have to say, as far as zoos go, this one really has good food choices. We always get the same thing. I get a Gourmet Signature Salad and they get chicken strips, fries and a blue slushie. (I get one of those also - can't resist)

Once we're done with lunch, my girls spot something new at the zoo. An ice cream cart. Not just any ice cream though - these are Minimelts!! If you've never had Minimelts, they are similar to Dippin' Dots, and if you've never had Dippin' Dots...where've you been??

Ms. Channing over here decided on cotton candy (yum!) and my little one wanted mint chip (Eeek!)


I managed to get a taste of the cotton candy (by force) and it was really good!!


Expensive but good. It cost over $9 for 2 of these things.

Discovering these mini melts definitely made the trip worth it - crowds and all.

On our way out we were greeted by this guy


and Carol decided she needed a hair accessory. Have headband, will travel!


So what lessons have you learned today?

Bronx Zoo on a Wednesday - NO.

Children's Zoo - Yes.

Minimelts - DOUBLE YES!!!

What's your favorite zoo in your area? More importantly, does it have good food?

Have a great weekend!


Jennifer D said...

Sadly there are no Zoos nearby. I have been to the San Diego Zoo though... it is wonderful.

I love that P.Dog exhibit...I would have stayed in there all day when I was a kid, still would.

Thanks for the trip!

Heather Fonseca said...

I used to take my kids to the LA zoo all the time when they were small. Now that they're in school not so much. Even though the zoo here is huge, on the weekends it's so packed it's a nightmare. I too will not go to the zoo unless it's a weekday during the school year! And the food is atrocious. I take a picnic.

Unknown said...

This is definitely one of the funniest posts ever. "Beaver holes?" HA!

Loved Ms. Channing's wig. Thanks for the tips. I'll wait until they are ALL in school.

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