Thursday, May 6, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Cupcakes

Did you know this week is Teacher Appreciation Week? Well, it is. You still have one day left so if you're looking for a way to show a teacher how much they are loved, why not try these cupcakes?

My daughter's first grade teacher is the best! She absolutely LOVES her! She's constantly making cards for her and even writing little notes in her homework saying that she loves her. It's not just my daughter either - the whole class loves her. As a mom I couldn't be happier to see my daughter so eager to go to school just so she can see her teacher!

We decided to surprise her today with some Teacher Appreciation cupcakes. Here's what I did...

First, baked up a batch of cupcakes. Logical start.


I decided I wanted them to be decorated with chalkboards and apples - made of fondant of course. To make the chalkboards, I started out using a square cutter with black fondant. I made it super easy for myself this time and bought the Wilton fondant multi packs at Michael's so the colors were already mixed for me. Love that!!


Then I used the light brown fondant and cut out strips to use for the border of the chalkboard.


I trimmed the edges and put them on a cooling rack to dry out and harden up a bit.

Next up were the apples. The red fondant was really red so I wanted to mix a bit of green fondant in there to tone it down a bit. The stems were made from dark brown fondant.


Once the chalkboards were dry enough, I drew on the ABC's and made some yellow buttercream icing. I was trying to stick with the primary color palette.

Here they are...


My daughter loved them! She asked if she could have the purple one. She's in denial that these are actually blue.


the teacher liked them,


and so did the whole class.


The only one that wasn't too happy was my little one.

No fair! Where's mine Mama??



Do you know a great Teacher? Did you do anything special for Teacher Appreciation Week?

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Anonymous said...

look great the cupcakes

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