Friday, May 7, 2010

Random Photos - 1st Week of May 2010

I was originally planning on posting a recipe for you today - Zucchini Pie. One of my mother-law's recipes that would be great for a Mother's Day brunch. I just realized however that I HAVE TO go for a mani pedi since my gift certificate from last Mother's Day is going to EXPIRE tomorrow!! Can't let that go to waste.

Recipes take a long time so I thought instead I'd just share some random photos from my week. Is it as exciting as Zucchini Pie? Probably not, but here goes anyway.

I went to a reunion Sunday afternoon - very fun. The food tasted really good and I was especially impressed with the presentation. Look how the carrots and celery were cut so methodically and using a krinkle cutter to get a wavy edge. Lovely!


My nephew eating dinner at our house.


He LOVES to eat dinner over. Half the time he brings his own food though. I think he just likes that blue chair. My little one thought it was hysterical when she put her purple Easter hat on him. She also asked him if the Easter Bunny brought him a blue hat. All he could say was "huh"? They both seemed confused and I was completely amused. (they don't celebrate Easter)

Guacamole I made for my Cinco De Mayo feast. It came out so good! I could go for some right now!


My little one sneaking in a piece of cake before dinner. I really just liked the way the light was coming in through the window. She was way too involved with that cake to notice or even care that I was there.



Playground fun


My older one. She just adores me. Isn't it obvious?!?


On my way back to my building...


Purple flower in front of the building


also in black & white


These last two you may be wondering why in the world I'm taking photos of my kitchen faucet. I was drawn to the cool shadows the sun was making BEHIND the sink - in the background. I notice these things. Funny how my eyes never even noticed the giant piles of dishes actually IN the sink!



Well, that's it. Hope you have a great weekend, and if you're a mom, an even better Mother's Day weekend!

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