Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Filter Frenzy

Do you ever use your photo editing software to go beyond just adjusting the sharpness or the lighting levels? If not, you should definitely start exploring.

Over the weekend, the hubbs came home with flowers for me, my mom and his mom for Mother's Day. I of course thanked him, but then immediately whipped out my camera to start taking photos before these babies started wilting.

Here's one that I took and liked from my Mother in-law's bouquet. Just a little lighting and sharpness adjustment here.


Then since I had some time on my hands (a rare occasion) I started playing around with the filters. This is what happened...

The Sponge Filter...


I like the pattern it made. It makes it seem like the rose is made from fabric.

The Stained Glass Filter...


For this one I still used the stained glass filter but bumped up the cell size for a different effect...


I think that was a bit more interesting.

Then for this one I applied the Fresco filter.


I really like the moodiness of it. I think this is my favorite. Very artsy.

Not because I'm moody.

Just because I like it.

So, go ahead and try some filters. Let me know how it comes out!

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