Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Break Activity - A Trip To The Bronx Zoo

Things have been so crazy and hectic around here lately. You don't know how many times I sat down to write a post and then never got around to finishing it. Between family health issues, school projects, Spring Holidays and planning my little one's upcoming birthday party, there hasn't been a minute to spare.

This week in NY the kids are off from school for Spring Break.

Translation: 24/7 kid time = 1 crazy mama!!

Monday we were busy preparing for Passover and Tuesday it rained so we ended up just staying in all day. By Wednesday, it was time to go out - even if there was a blizzard!! Fortunately the weather was decent. Since Wednesday is "donation day" at The Bronx Zoo, we decided to go there. Why not save a little if you can, right?!? Everyone seems to be on a budget these days and we are definitely no exception!

The girls love going to The Bronx Zoo and since the weather has been cold, we really haven't been there in a long time. So, they were really excited about it. I was just happy to get out and have an opportunity to take some pictures.

Our first stop once we get through the main gates is to head on over to the Children's Zoo. Even though it's donation day, you still need to pay extra for this section - $3 per ticket. It's so worth it though! It's a lot of fun, very interactive and hands on for the kids - not just walking around looking at animals. I highly recommend it if you have little ones.

Their favorite part is what they call "beaver holes".


There were lots of peacocks out yesterday - they were all over the place!




Even up there! Creepy! reminds me of halloween.


Lots of happy couples,



and happy singles too.




What a character that one was!!

Here they were looking at the baby alligator


lots of areas to climb,


and there's even a treehouse slide. I think they went down at least 100 times. I lost count after 49.

Part of our routine is to eat lunch there. We head on over to the Dancing Crane Cafe. They have really good salads and normally, I would be so looking forward to it. However, just before we left, I got hit with a major stomach ache - almost didn't make it out. I am not going to fill you in on all the details, but just so you know, I ended up with a bottle of water for lunch. That was about as much as my stomach could handle.

These 2 on the other hand always get the same thing - chicken strips, fries and a blue drink. Super healthy!!


Here's a tip for you - the chicken strips lunch is $7 and comes with 4 pieces of chicken and plenty of fries. I got one so they could share and there was still leftovers.

When I was pregnant with my little one, I had constant cravings for the "blue drink". Now, she LOVES them!!



It must be really annoying to have your picture taken while you're eating lunch.


Yep - reeeeally annoying.


It's one of the few times I actually feel like I have some power of them. It doesn't happen very often. I've got to take it while I can.

After lunch we decided to explore some areas we haven't been to yet - one of them being the Reptile House. My daughter was so excited because she was learning about reptiles in school. She couldn't wait to go back to her science teacher and tell him what she saw.

This is what we saw - a whole lotta snakes!!

As far as snakes go, we really liked this one. Never saw a green design like this. Very impressive!


This one reminded me of a knit scarf my Grandma could have made. When she was alive, of course.


Now these reminded me of a nightmare I once had. The story is all convoluted but it was filled with these sleek black snakes - they were all over the place.


My daughter likes me to retell the story over and over - like a bedtime story. Not sure if she's really that interested or if she just enjoys hearing how I was tortured. I'm guessing it's the latter.

Hey bud - so glad you're in there, and we're out here.


OK - I think we've had enough snakes for one day. Let's head over to see some bears.

Still holding on strong to that blue drink.


Here's one.


Only one came out. I think the others were just hanging back in their cave. Do you blame them??

Last but not least, we saw some baboons.


"Eeeeew!! Mama - what's that hanging between his legs?"

All done! Time to go!!

What have you been doing during Spring Break? Anything fun??

On a side note, today is April Fool's Day. Why not try making these cupcakes - great fakeout food!

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Anonymous said...

is a wonderfull zoo, i was in NY 2 years ago, but, sadly, i can't go there. I think it was a very happy time for your beautiful girls. Next time in NY i will make to the zoo first.

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