Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spongebob Party Details

Early this month was my daughter's 4th birthday. I already told you about a few of her celebratios, but this past weekend was the big one - her Spongebob birthday party!!

Personally, I am NOT a big Spongebob fan. I don't even know how they started watching it because at one time we did have a "no Spongebob" rule. That obviously went out the window.

There was lots of planning involved but it all seemed to come together.

Here are a few shots of the treats table, decorated with some Spongebob accessories I found at Party City.



I did create some of my own however. This is the part I really get excited about!!

Personalized chocolate bars - I love these!! I do them for all of the birthdays.


I designed coordiating persoanlized water bottles as well with all of Spongebob's friends. You can't see them all from the picture but they wrap around the bottle. My daughter did inform me though that I left out two of them. Here I was thinking I did so well!!


Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Spongebob of course! Gotta have at least one healthy item at a party.


Then of course the cake!! What's a Spongebob party without a Spongebob cake??

Spongebob Cake-1

Since time was running out, this Spongebob ended up not having any legs. No matter though - they would have been eaten up anyway.

This is all that matters - she seemed to like it!


We set up the dining area to be a picnic at the beach - even had the infamous Spongebob flowers in the background.


There was no way I was going to have table room and chairs for 16 (yes you heard me right - SIXTEEN!!) kids!! We layed down blue mats and when they were ready to eat their pizza, covered it guessed it... a Spongebob tablecloth.


Besides a cake, my daughter wanted to have cupcakes. She's a little demanding but I guess you can be when it's your 4th birthday.

I had a bunch of toppings so the kids were able to decorate their own cupcakes. Makes for a great activity!

I designed 5 different cupcake toppers as well for each kid to choose from.

Guess my daughter thought she was entitled to all of them!


After some Spongebob games, freeze dancing, pizza and cake, the party was winding down - which only means one thing - GOODIE BAGS!!!

This took me back to my gift basket days.


All complete with personalzied Spongebob tags


The party is over! Unfortunately the cleanup isn't.

What's your favorite part of planning a party? Decorating? Food? Activities?

By the way, I am currently working on adding a new shopping cart to my website so chocolate bar wrappers will be available online soon. I'll keep you updated!!


Unknown said...

You are out of your mind. These girls are so lucky to have you for a mom. I would be dropping them off at Chucky Cheese and trying to sneak out the back. Great job as always. lol

Anonymous said...

very nice - how did you find all the cut outs and gift tags?

citygirl - Stacey said...

I made them! I found some images online of Sb and friends. Using Photoshop, I designed the cupcake toppers, gift tags, and water bottle labels. The candy bar wrappers are from Occasionogrphy. I am one of their consultants It was a premade design and then I customized it with photos and the wording on front and back. To see the available wrapper designs you can check out the catalog here

- As soon as my shopping cart is ready you will be able to order them online from my website.

sharshar said...

Congratulations for pulling that birthday off! It looks like it was a fun time. I want to give my daughter a birthday party like that! She loves SpongeBob. We always watch SpongeBob on Nickelodeon. Not to mention as a DISH employee that with DISH Online you can watch live TV and DVR events right on your computer. Go to for more info.

Anonymous said...

What did you put in the goody bags I'm Curious what would be good?

Stacey said...

I don't remember exactly since it was a while ago but I do remember Spongebob bubbles and I think crabby patties (gummies) I'll ask my daughter when she gets home from school. Will let you knwo if she remembers anything further.

Also, be sure to check out my current blog at

I don't post anything new on this blogger one.

vally said...

OMG!!!!dat was a fantabulous party!!!wish i had gotten an invite too :-( ;-)Neways good job!!!!GR8888 job!!!!!WOW again!!!!

Creative Printables said...

What a beautiful party! Legs or no legs - that cake is awesome!

Unknown said...

That's awesome...!!! My daughter loves sb,.thinking of doing her 2nd bday sb but idk!!!

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