Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What's In Your Fridge Right Now?

Last night while I ventured over to my fridge hoping to find a little snack, I was horrified at the lack of food I had. What kind of mom am I??

Then I got to thinking, and started cracking myself up, (that happens quite often) it would be interesting to see what was in other people's fridges. Do you think the inside of your fridge says a lot about you? Mine is probably saying "slacker!"

So, I decided to take pictures of what I had and share them with all of you. I have to admit, I do feel a bit weird about this. I feel so exposed!!

Fortunately, the girls were asleep and the hubbs was locked away in his cave so I had no witnesses while I snapped away. I could just imagine the confused expression on my baby's face if she woke up.

"Mama, why are you taking pictures of our food? Are you going to put it on your "puter"?"

or worse yet, if the hubbs caught me.

"You've got to be kidding!"

Luckily my older one sleeps through the night. Finally!!

So, here goes...


If nothing else, I will always have milk in my fridge. My girls drink it faster than I can buy it. At this point, I think we just need our own cow.

We also have 2 kinds of OJ. I'm a Tropicana snob, usually getting Calcium and No Pulp. HATE the pulp! Eeek - feels like you're drinking little bugs. Blah! The hubbs on the other hand couldn't care less so when he's at Stew Leonard's, (his favorite store) he'll just get their brand.

Most of the stuff on the bottom bins probably needs to be thrown away. I don't even want to look.

Next is the inside door.


I love condiments and sauces - gotta have my buffalo wing sauce. Hot and spicy is the way to go. Another must is the Sambazon Acai Juice - expensive, but really good.

If I'm going to share, I may as well bare it all. Here's my freezer...


The girls and the hubbs LOVE ice cream, so there will always be at least 2 containers. There's also a couple of things in there from our last Costco run. As a side note, don't ever go to Costco when you're starving because you will end up buying things that you would never normally buy and when you're sane and not starving anymore, you will open up your freezer and wonder why there's a jumbo sized box of Jamaican Meat Patties.

Trust me on this one - it could happen.

At least the last part of my tour is my saving grace. A whole lotta frozen veggies! Looking at it now, maybe I should have neatened it up a bit. Is my freezer telling you I'm disorganized??


I guess your fridge really does have a lot to say about who you are.

Now that I've shown you mine, I want to see yours!! In the comments section, tell me what's currently in your fridge or better yet, take a picture and include the link. We'll see what your fridge has to say about you!


Anonymous said...


What I REALLY want to know is what does Karen's fridge SAY about her?!?!?!? LOL! Cute blog!!! Dianne

Anonymous said...

Lots of frozen dinners, frozen pizza, and french vanilla coffee creamer. Not the world's best cook. Guess who? Oh and I remember how much you loved orange juice growing up.

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