Friday, April 23, 2010

Tulips in NYC

The best evidence of Springtime is seeing lots of tulips around. I just love tulips! They're my favorite flower. Back when I got married (like 100 years ago), I wanted them in my bouquet but it was late May and by then they weren't in season anymore and it would have been really expensive to get them.

I'm still getting over it. Sometimes it takes me a while.

Well, when I was in the city this week - right around 9th Avenue in the low 60's (or maybe even high 50's) I came across this:


Right in the middle of the city!!


So beautiful.

There were a couple of other ones in the mix




Very pretty, but I still prefer the tulip.


What's your favorite flower?


Unknown said...

I remember being obsessed with these flowers when I lived in Jamaica - because we didn't have them. I would draw them over and over and over. It was my floral period.

citygirl - Stacey said...

Just curious - what period are you in now? :)

Grace said...

Oh my, what a coincidence! I thought I was writing this for a second, tulips are my favourite as well, and I wanted the same for my bouquet (married late May as well) but as you know, not available. Your photos are beautiful, makes we want to run out and pick up a bouquet. It will help to make it feel like spring since the weather is not cooperating in my neck of the woods.

All the best!

Grace said...

p.s. your girls are adorable!

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