Thursday, November 18, 2010

"Blogging Your Way" NYC Meetup

Recently I took an online blogging class called Blogging Your Way. It was way more than the technical stuff you need to know about blogging. It went much deeper than that. I really enjoyed it and feel like I am more focused because of it. You will definitely be seeing some new changes here soon!!

So, as the class was coming to a close, I thought it would be a fun idea to organize a meetup with fellow NYC students so we can meet in person rather than only having an online friendship. I put it out there, got some responses and set the date.

We decided to meet a couple of days ago at Flute - a champagne bar in midtown. I thought it would be a good location because it's very cozy and comfortable. Instead of just "hanging out at the bar", they have little nooks set up with couches and coffee tables. Would be a perfect spot for "date night" as well.

It ended up being 5 of us. Two more were supposed to come but unfortunately one person got sick (awww) and the other had a biz meeting. (yay - work it !!) We'll have to catch them next time around.

It was really a special night. 5 strangers getting together starting out with handshakes and 3 hours later ending up embraced with hugs. It was so interesting to hear every one's story, their lives, why they started a blog, and of course discussing the class.

Before the evening was over, I had to snap a picture of these great women.


First up is Christine. Her blog is called Happy Lady Decorates and she's all about interior design.

Suzanne from Cinderella Patch - a city girl that loves crafts! Could it get any better?!?

Ivy from IvyAllOver. Ivy shares her beautiful artwork on her blog. She even had one of her pieces featured in the winter issue of Artful Blogging magazine - one of my favorite mags!!

Then there's Johanna (the H is silent). Her blog is called The Shutter. We both share a love for photography.

We also asked the server to take a picture of all of us.


Our first offcial in-person get together. Looking forward to our next one!

Do you do any networking in your area? How do you feel about getting together with strangers?

*** Self Absorbed Superficial Side Note ***

Isn't it funny when you look at photos and there's one with you in it, all you notice is yourself?? I KNOW you know what I'm talking about! I just have to say, I looked like a completely different person 12 hours prior to when this photo was taken. Only you curly haired obsessive crazy people out there like me will relate. I put so much effort into my hair that day. It looked GREAT when I left my apartment early that morning. I even got compliments from strangers!! The weather in the city was threatening rain all day so it had that cold wet humidity going on. By 7pm, it had no chance.

Thanks for listening.

Had to get that off my chest.

I'm on to more important things now - tomorrow's field trip!



Blenda Studio said...

What fun to have a BYW get together! As a recent BYW graduate, I really miss the class:( It was the best! Wonderful teacher and inspiring students.
BTW, I can relate the hair thing. Living in the Pacific Northwest there is always the threat of rain and my hair turns to frizz. But I must say your curly hair is very lovely!

Mariella said...

Nice to see your faces ladies!I wish I could have joined you! Mariella (another fellow BYW classmate)

The Shutter said...

That was such a fun night. You rock and can't wait to do it again. xoxo

Heather Fonseca said...

First of all your hair looks amazing. I wish mine had curl, on the other hand it doesn't react to humidity at all, so maybe it's a blessing.

I've met very few LA bloggers. I've tried to connect with them, but except for one I just haven't gotten anywhere. It's very frustrating.


Christine said...

Hi, Stacy

I think your hair looked great that day. U had nothing to worry about. And thank you for a wonderful night.

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