Wednesday, May 20, 2009

9 Years Ago Today...

I got married! I can't believe today is my 9 year anniversary. How did that happen?!?

We got married at a place down in the Village - it was a converted carriage house. I didn't want it to be very formal and I was on a budget. I opted for cocktail style seating because I didn't want everyone to be stuck at their table the whole time. Forget it! That went over real well. All the older folks were trying to find their little card with a table number and name on it. Was none. So, all the parents and the elders made a bee line straight to a table. They practically held them hostage for their friends. My mom even danced with my friend Billy as a way to get him out of his seat so one of her friends could snag it. Very tricky mom. Like your way of thinking!

Our friend Woody drew this caricature of us.


I thought it was hysterical and had it hanging on our fridge for years until we moved.

I think we both look pretty funny. The hubs has a striking resemblance to Bert....of Bert and Ernie. Don't ya think??

This is how we really looked...I think a bit better than his drawing.


The highlight for me was the dessert. As I mentioned I was on a budget so I opted to do a cupcake cake rather than a traditional wedding cake. That went over reeeeal well with Gloria my mother-in-law. I think in the end she liked it though. We had a small 6 in cake on top just so we'd have something to cut. The cupcakes came from The Cupcake Cafe in Manhattan.

Years before I had seen Ann Warren, the owner, on a segment of the Martha Stewart Show and thought if I ever got married, I would love for her to do my cake. And, she did! I made the cake stand with the help of my friend Karen. She was my right hand person throughout my wedding -really helping me with every detail. I got the stuff from NY Cake & Bake and the night before we stayed up late, making this cake stand and doing all the flower arrangements.


I think it came out great though, and back then, it was a real novelty.

Not sure what we'll be doing today to celebrate but I'm sure a cupcake will make an appearance!

At least I hope so.


Unknown said...

WOW, has it really been nine eyears. Oh My. I have to say that making that cupcake stand at 2 in the morning the MORNING of your wedding is one of the most hysterical nights of my life. I can't have a cupcake without giggling at the memory. Congratulations to you both.

Unknown said...

What a great and original idea for your wedding "cake"!! I'll bet the guests loved it and you didn't have to worry about cutting a huge cake for the guests. It looked elegant and delicious! (Your friend Karen sounds like a keeper!)

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