Monday, February 7, 2011

Game Day

I know yesterday was a big game day for football fans across the country - snacking on favorite comfort foods, drinking and partying.

The girls and I went to visit my mom yesterday for a few hours before my older one's last show and we ended up having our own special game day.

There's a closet in her apartment in the room my sister and I shared growing up that still has remnants of our childhood. My girls, being the inquisitive rascals that they are, always like to investigate and sift through what must seem like junk to them, but are actually precious memories to me and my sister.

They noticed a stack of games up on one of the shelves and of course were eager to play. Like rummaging through an old attic, these games were equally as old and dusty so before anything, I got the Fantastik out with some paper towels and started cleaning away. Not really what I was expecting to do on a quiet Sunday visit at my mom's.

We started off by playing Trac 4 - a game where you compete to create patterns I used to LOVE this game! It wasn't really working so we had to improvise but still managed to have fun anyway.

I love looking at the packaging on these old games. Look at the hairstyle on the mom!


Next I found a game called Tilt but we couldn't play because we didn't have all of the marbles. Look at the packaging on this one - vintage illustration!


Ever since I was really little I was always into crafts - always wanting to make things. I remember always getting arts & crafts kits as gifts and here's one that was still around. I remember a lot of the kits were from the same company - "Arts & Crafts Today"


These next ones really cracked me up - my girls had no clue what they were.

My record player which also happened to be a radio as well.



This was the second one I had. The first one was red and short lived because it broke right away. They didn't have any red ones left so they got me this steel blue colored one. Never liked this color although my favorite color at the time was blue.

More like this blue - from our 8 track player!!


My mom wasn't as nostalgic as I was. In true mom fashion...

"When are you going to get rid of these things?" (can't you just hear the tone!)

"Why don't you bring them to your apartment?"

It just wouldn't be the same. It belongs here with all the other memories of Dawn Dolls, flatsies and Chrissy & Velvet. Somehow it wouldn't fit in at our place with Spongebob and Lady Gaga.

What are your favorite childhood games and toys?

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