Monday, February 21, 2011

{Curl Talk} - Carve, Slice & Rake


If you've been reading my blog for a while, you may remember the hack job I had on my hair last year. Well, because of that episode, I hadn't had my hair cut in a year!! It's taken me that long to grow it out and get over the trauma.

About a month ago, a friend of mine forwarded me something she read on Craigslist. Ouidad was looking for Hair Models in February. For those of you not familiar with Ouidad, it's a high end salon here in NY specializing in CURLY hair. I've always wanted to try it but since it's high end, high end prices go with it!


Ouidad is not only a salon, but they have also expanded into training hair stylists from other salons on the Ouidad method. Such business savvy - love it!! So, the reason why they are looking for "hair models" is for the trainees to get some hands on experience with what they're being taught. Great for us curly haired girls! We get a free haircut!

My sister got in on it also so we went down to the city together this weekend to have our hair day. Before we left I had to get my "before" shot (taken by my 7 yr old).


As you can see, I am in desperate need of a haircut, not to mention a wash. It had been 4 days which in curly world is pretty normal. Don't be too grossed out - I did continue to shower every day!

When we got there the first thing we had to do was sign a model release. Being a photographer, I found it amusing to be on the OTHER side of a release!


My stylist's name was Lauren from Massachusetts. First we chatted about what she wanted to do with my hair. We were on the same page so that was good.


Keep the length but decrease the volume! I also felt comfortable because they had trainers watching over them to make sure they were doing everything correctly. Even down to what type of shampoo and conditioner to use! It was pretty amazing how they ran such a tight ship. They are really serious about curls!!

When I was in the chair I kept hearing words like Carve, Slice and Rake. Not normally what you want to hear when you're sitting so vulnerably on the other end of scissors about to get your hair cut!! The carving and slicing had to do with the cut and the raking has to do with the styling.

I was getting a bit nervous during the "carving & slicing" phase. The sound of the scissor going through my hair left me breathless a few times. The scissor makes like a "z-z-z-z-z-z-z" sound for some reason and I was hoping she wasn't slicing off too much!

So, after the wash, condition, cut, and deep condition, it was time to be raked! They use their fingers like a rake to style the hair and keep the curls in curl formation and minimize the frizz.

Four hours later (and lots of product), this was my "after" picture taken by my sis.


I really won't be able to tell if I like it until after I wash and style it myself. This time though, there won't be any "raking", but instead I'll be "roping" - my own styling method. Will have to show you how that goes on the next Curl Talk along with an "after after" picture!

For you curly girls out there, what's your favorite styling method?

Have you ever been to Ouidad or any other salon specializing in curly hair? What has your experience been?

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Unknown said...

Wow. It already looks better than the last time.

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