Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Brownie Wreck

This past Friday was my husband's birthday. In our family when it's someone's birthday, they get to pick what they want for their birthday dinner and we also discuss what kind of cake they want. This year he wanted Beef Stew for his dinner. I did a combo of a beef stew and a Beef Bourguignon. I have to say it came out really good and I was so happy we had leftovers for the next day!

Now as far as the cake goes, he wasn't really saying what he wanted so as I mentioned Friday, I went over to Arthur Avenue and picked up some Italian pastries and a Cannoli cake.




I felt bad though that I didn't bake something myself. Then it hit me - I knew the perfect thing to make him! - brownies! Not your ordinary brownie, these were going to be "special".

The hubbs knows that I LOVE brownies - the fudgy gooey kind. A few years ago, I developed a really good recipe and got to thinking about other flavors I can make. I made a whole list - PB&J brownies, Mint Choc Chip Brownies, etc. He wanted to join in so he came up with his own flavor. Are you ready for this?? PEPPERONI BROWNIES!!! I know, can you believe?!?

Of course I never took him seriously but for years now he kept mentioning it. Mind you, he doesn't even like pepperoni but he thought it would be such a great seller.


I knew these would bomb.

So, I'm not one to pass up an "I told you so" opportunity (especially to him), so that's what I decided to make for his birthday - pepperoni brownies.

This is what I did - PLEASE DON'T TRY THESE!!!!

I started off with a box mix brownie because there was no way I was going to waste time and ingredients on something I knew would be horrible.


Then instead of the sliced pepperoni, I got the whole one, took the casing off and cut it into smaller chunks.


I put it into a food processor to chop it up.



My thought process was if the pieces were really small and dispersed ti may not be as bad.

I mixed it into the brownie batter,


put it into a pan and into the oven it went.


Normally these brownies take about a half hour to cook but this version took about an hour. The fat from the pepperoni was making the batter moist and wasn't cooking properly.

When they were done, they looked normal.


I warned everyone else ahead of time NOT to try them and then surprised the hubbs with them. Yep, he was surprised alright!!

Now for the taste test...


I told ya so!!!

What was the worst thing you ever made?


Anonymous said...

with all the salt caramel, bacon wrapped deserts around new york, you'd think pepperoni would fit right into trend!

Maria said...

This is soooooo funny!! I remember Tony adamantly saying how good "pepperoni brownies" would be! LOL. Well, at least now he knows........

citygirl - Stacey said...

I'd actually be willing to try it with bacon! :)

Maria, he said I should have made it with chunks, like that would have made a difference!! There's no way I'm trying again though.

Heather Fonseca said...

LOL! This is just too funny. I love your step by step instructions. Classic. I think I'll have to tweet this one!

I have to say that I have a recipe somewhere for chocolate cookies that are made with chili powder or black pepper or something and are supposed to be amazing. I'll have to try them and see if they rate as high as the pepperioni brownies.


citygirl - Stacey said...

I've definitely heard of the choc chili combo - like Mexican hot chocolate but I've never tried it. Let me know if you make them!

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