Friday, March 12, 2010

Sweet Treat For St. Patty's Day

In case you haven't checked your calendar lately, this coming Wednesday, March 17th is St. Patrick's Day. Why do I like this holiday? Not for the drinking (not big on alcohol - especially beer), not for the corned beef and cabbage (eeew!), but for the green. I love seeing eveyone dressed up in green! All shades of it. Well almost all. I don't even know what the offical shade is called - maybe pastel green, but it's that green shade that comes in a pack of pastel printer paper. I could definitely live without that one! Otherwise, it's my favorite color.

Another reason I like it is beacause of these personalized chocolate bars.


Chocolate pretty much goes with any holiday. I'm an authorized consultant for Cherubs-n-Chocolate. They have hundreds of preprinted wrapper designs just waiting for a personalized message to be printed on them. Just like this one...


These little guys are so popular because they can be given as party favors (I use them all the time for my girls' parties), thank you's, birth announcements, giveaways at trade shows, weddings and more. I'll do a whole separate post on this another time but today I just want to focus on the green ones.

If you are having a party or need something fun to give out at your office or school, I can definitely help you out. Or if you own or manage a bar or restaurant, this would be a great handout for your customers. You can even have a coupon printed on the back for their next visit. See, always thinking ahead! While I am working on setting up a new shopping cart, feel free to just e-mail me at for orders or more info. There's a minimum order of 12 bars and they are $2.25 each. Such a deal!

Do you have anything special you do to celebrate St. Patrick's Day?


Jennifer D said...

I love St. Patrick's Day for several reasons

1. Green is my favorite color.
2. I have Irish Ancestry
3. I love to have a reason to watch "Far and Away".

We will be cooking corned beef and cabbage, soda bread with KerryGold butter, Pea Champ and Irish Cream Ice Cream for our dinner. Oh and watching Far and Away of course.;-)

citygirl - Stacey said...

I haven't seen that movie in such a long time but I remember really liking it.

I don't really like cabbage but I LOVE roasted brussel sprouts! They're in the same family so maybe I'll make those. Yum!

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