Tuesday, March 16, 2010

After The Storm

This weekend in NYC, there was a big rain and wind storm. I didn't even leave my apartment all day Saturday. Our apartment even sprung a leak in my girls' room. It was crazy!!

Yesterday, I went with my little one's preschool class on their first field trip. It was an exciting adventure to the post office. Woo Hoo!! Each kid wrote (more like scribbled) a letter so they would each have something to mail. On the walk over, we saw lots of trees that were knocked down from the storm. The kids were amazed! I was also! Didn't realize just how strong those winds were.

On my drive back to my apartment after the field trip, I couldn't find a parking spot, but I did find this...


I had to get out of my car and take some pics. This is right near one of the playgrounds my girls like to play in.


So crazy!!


So glad no one was hurt.

When I lived in Florida, we were always worried about trees coming through our house during all of those hurricanes.

Do you live in a stormy area? What have you seen in your neighborhood?

By the way, I never did find a spot. Ended up going to Target instead!

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