Monday, March 8, 2010

Curl Talk - Fear of The Fuzz


There are so many issues that go along with having curly hair, but one of the biggest is the fear of the fuzz. We try endless ways to keep the fuzz to a minimum - using different products, trying different styling methods, and most important...avoiding the outside world at all costs when the humidity goes past 50%.

This weekend, I had a few things going for me - extra time and perfect weather. I am always on the hunt for that perfect product. I don't know if this one is perfect yet, but I'm pretty happy with it so far. I've been using a product by Bed Head called Control Freak. Besides loving the name, the gel seems to actually be working with my hair!!

After I wash and condition my hair, I try to keep it as wet as possible and then load on the gel. You've got to work fast because as it's drying, the fuzz is already starting to build up. Once the gel is on, I separate my hair into small sections and start twisting. Normally I do a single twist but I noticed it was looking way too boppy/Shirley Temple-esque. Not quite the look I am going for - especially since my last crazy haircut. Don't want it to appear shorter than it actually is! This time I did the double twist. I took 2 small sections and twisted them together. This worked much better. I let it air dry (didn't leave the house that day) and it didn't bop up. Once it was all dry, I took all the twists out. It was soft, looked longer, and most importantly, FUZZ FREE!!

This is what it looked like hours later...


Still pretty decent.

Later that day I was looking through an H&M Magazine. I stopped by the store last week when I was in the city. I always like to check in and see if I can get something cute for my girls. You can imagine the horror I felt when I came across this page...


My worst nightmare!! This is exactly what my hair looked like before I had it cut and if I let it dry naturally without putting any product in it. Why in the world would they style their models like this??

I have to stop looking at it. I may have nightmare tonight.

Do you have any magical de-fuzzing techniques? Would love to hear about them!


Jennifer D said...

Well, I can see why those girls scared you...yikes!
I do not have super curly hair like yours. I have always wanted it though, my hair is wavy. It won't hold a curl from a roller or curling iron, yet it is curly/frizzy enough that it won't stay straight.I am lucky I live in a very dry environment, when I go to the beach I wear a ponytail,it is the only way. I can't say I hate my hair but it certainly has been through the style ringer. I do battle with Frizz. I CANNOT brush it or I look like a lion...a lion with really bad hair!

I am currently using 2 pricey products from Frederic Fekkai, his "glossing cream" for when I try to blow it out straight and his "luscious curls" cream for when I am trying to have bouncy curls like yours.

I would say they work...OK.
I do love the glossing cream, it has olive oil in it and I swear it feels like my hair is sucking in the moisture.

I used to use a product called Frizz-ease by John Frieda that worked very well but it was a bit heavy for my hair. I was able to find it at Rite-Aide. Maybe it would work for you.

by the way, I love your hair!

citygirl - Stacey said...

I've used Frizz ease before and didn't love it. The serum worked well when I tried to blow my hair straight but that was ages ago.

I only brush/comb my hair when it's wet after the shower.

Before my hair got weird, (or I should say weirdER)I used to use Finesse Mousse. It is alcohol free and I loved it! Now it's just too drying. I have also used an olive oil mousse and liked it if I combined it with a cream. Uh! It's so endless!!

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