Thursday, February 4, 2010

NY Gift Show

Yesterday my friend Karen and I decided to check out the NY Gift Show at the Javits Center. (this is the same Karen that accompanied me to my butcher job..uh..I mean haircut this past weekend) I used to go to this show all the time when I had my gift basket business. It had been a while so I thought it was time to check it out again. Always looking for some new creative packaging ideas. I'm also helping Karen out with an upcoming baby shower (I'm in charge of the cake and cupcakes) so we thought we might find some inspiration for that as well.

We got there late in the afternoon and they already ran out of directories. Not good! We definitely could have been more productive if we had one. Oh - one tip I want to pass on if you ever go to trade shows - don't wear 4 inch spike heels!! Ooop, forgot to remind Karen about that one. :)

The Javits Center is huge - tons and tons of aisles to walk down with loads of different products to see.


There was a sign saying "no photography on the show floor" but I managed to sneak a few shots in anyway. Yep, I can be rebellious like that.

This was a cute booth that we found. Check out all of these sweet treats! Looks yummy, doesn't it?


Now look closer at the label...



Towels!! Genius. I'm telling you, creative packaging makes all the difference. They can be found online at

For all you diy-ers out there (like me) if you check online, you can even find instructions on how to make them yourself. Would make a great favor for a baby or bridal shower.

Then my heart almost stopped when we came up to this booth.


Did I ever mention how much I absolutely LOVE ribbons? I'm sure I must have. Paper and ribbons - love them both.


These were my favorite - the ones in the middle row with the roses on them My head is spinning with tons of ideas for these. I MUST have them!!


This was like being in ribbon heaven! Best part, they have NO MINIMUM ORDER!!! Unheard of! They are called Ampelco so if you're a ribbon freak like me, I highly suggest you check them out.

When we got to this next booth - Alice Supply Co., we both stopped in our tracks. This definitely could have won the award for "Most Creative Booth Display"

Look close - her skirt is made from dust pans and her top is a garden hose!!


This girl is sporting dust brushes for her skirt. Looks lovely with her cocnut shells.


This tdefinitely akes fashion to a whole new level!

All I can say is I'll never look at my cleaning supplies the same way EVER again.


Unknown said...

That was one exhausting day but I do think I will be filing a complaint with the Gift Show. I can't believe in this day and age that one you run out of directories AND on top of that that you don't have it in a digital format. It's 2010 Gift Show. Get with it. Just sayn.

Amanda said...

Oh my GOODNESS!!! I WANT THAT store to be near me!! Wow. I LOVE your ribbon pictures...AND the ribbon!

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