Friday, February 5, 2010


He has a favorite superhero - Captain America.

He made a Captain America costume one year for Halloween and still has the shield hanging on his wall. (in case he needs to fight any evil villains)

He refers to pasta as "macaroni".

He thinks his mother makes the best meatballs and sauce. (doesn't every Italian guy?)

He loves James Bond, The Beatles, Abe Lincoln and Star Trek.

He built a custom shelf for his BIG collection of GI Joe action figures that he keeps neatly arranged. (perfect boyfriends for the girls' Barbies)

He doesn't hear a word I say unless it's "dinner's ready!"

He wakes up in the morning thinking about what he's going to eat for dinner.

He is trying to be healthy (when he's not guzzling root beer and coffee) and wants "something green" on the table every night. (do the girls' boogers count?)

He is waaaaay into Loren Graham (think back to Gilmore mom)

He loves Florida. (no comment)

He still doesn't know how to work the cable remote. "TV's broken again!"

He bought a banjo so he can learn how to play one. (stuck somewhere in the back of the closet)

He will only watch movies in widescreen.

He snores so loud every night that anyone within 100 feet needs to wear ear plugs.

He is a typical husband. (Errrrr!!)

Besides all that, He is an amazing artist.

Want to see more? Check out of his work here, here and here.

I've gotta go rearrange some Joes. It'll make him crazy. It's what I live for.

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