Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Lion Cake

Last week was my other nephew's birthday which means that I was on cake duty again. YAY!!

He's such a happy baby. He turned one. Can't believe it went so fast already!

For his birthday celebration I was asked to make a lion cake. I thought about doing a sculpted cake covered in fondant but my week was pretty busy and I never made it to the store to get more fondant. Since my time was limited I opted for a sheet cake decorated with buttercream icing. I found a picture of a lion that I liked online, drew it on a piece of paper and then redrew it with icing onto the cake.

The colors didn't come out exactly as I planned but I still liked it.


My 6 year old daughter asked "why isn't the lion yellow Mama?"


Hmmm, I thought. I don't know. Are all lions supposed to be yellow? I guess when you've been to Disney a hundred times, you're main point of reference is Simba. Gotta start making more trips to The Bronx Zoo!!

Well, good thing the cake wasn't for her. It was for this little guy and he seemed to like it.


Too bad he never got to blow out his own candles. Not with these two around.


Hey buddy, I seem to remember you having a birthday not too long ago. Uh, just a couple of weeks ago as a matter of fact.


And what about you little girl - yours is just a few months away in April. Be patient!


You'll get your Spongebob cake soon enough.

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