Wednesday, June 2, 2010

{Celebrate} National Candy Month

Did you know that June is National Candy Month? Yes, now you have an excuse to dive into a bowl of your favorite sugary confections.

What's your favorite candy?

How often do you indulge?

I notice I gravitate towards red or pink candies - pink cotton candy, red cherry Twizzler Nibs, red lifesavers, red and pink jelly beans, red candy apples (not the cinnamon kind). There's definitely a noticeable trend there. I wonder if there's a hidden meaning behind it. Hmmmm.

Well, I thought it would be fun to browse through flickr to see what's going on out there in the candy universe. This is what I found. Hope you like it! Credits are listed under each photograph.

Total City Girl (that's me!)

Xia and her Chinese Box

Happy Valentines Day!

Pommes d'amour
Fabrice Terrasson

sweet box

See, I've given you a reason to celebrate! Go out and get yourself your favorite candy.

Your dentist will love you.

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