Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Morning Bagel Excursion

After a long day yesterday at Bear Mountain (I'll post about that another time), I was hoping to sleep in and take it easy today. Well, as easy as you can with 2 young kids. But sure enough, my little one comes running into our room this morning saying "I want bagels. Go get bagels". The hubbs and I looked at each other with that "I'm not going. You go" look. OK, it was a standstill. Who was going to be the first to cave. Normally, I could hold out REAL long, but then I got to thinking of that pilates class I somehow missed this morning. Feeling a little guilty, I finally broke down and said "sure, I'll go". I'll walk there and that could count as my exercise for the day.

So, let's keep in mind, it is SUNday. So as any normal, still half asleep, mom of 2 would do, I get out of bed, change into sweats and a t-shirt (at least it was clean, although I'll admit, not much better looking than what I slept in) brush my teeth, put my glasses on and go.

There I go walking along all proud of myself that I am "exercising", when who do I run into - my friend Harry's mom. I just love Jewish moms. They crack me up. They can't hide anything. I stop to say hello and then I hear this EXTRA LOUD looong gasp! Did I look that bad? I guess so from the look of horror on her face. My hair was tied back in a braid - she thought I cut it short. I showed her it was still there. I think she was mildly relieved. We chatted for a bit but I was so distracted by her facial expression, I could barely even concentrate. So after our convo, I hurried up, got my bagels and started to walk home. I then ran into a neighbor from my building. Whew - no worries there. She just gave me a quick hello and kept walking. I get back to my building, thinking I am safe now, when the elevator opens and there's my sister.

Three people in a 25 minute span!

What happened to the days when people slept late and you can run out without any worries of running into anyone? And I repeat - it is a SUNDAY...MORNING...EARLY!! When I was in college, I remember Sundays were always meant to be lazy casual days. OK, I know that was a long time ago and I'm a "grown-up" now, but shouldn't there still be some grace period?? Like maybe NOON? When did the rules change? Someone, please tell me!

Should I use that old baseball cap trick?

I guess I can make a small effort and ditch the glasses


and put my contacts on.

Or better yet, next time I think I'll just send the hubbs.

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Unknown said...

Yep, send the hubby. that's what they're for.

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