Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mushrooms and Movies

You never know what you're going to find on the streets of NY. Even up here in Riverdale (a section of the Bronx) there are things that may surprise you.

The other morning while walking my little one to camp, she screams out "Ugly Mushroom Mama!!" (my girls call me Mama - whatever happened to Mommy? Mom? even Ma??) Of course I looked around and there I spotted it - growing right out from the side of a tree - a huge mushroom.


Now, i wouldn't necessarily say it was ugly, but when we were living in Florida (uh - it's still hard to say those words) on the way to the pool, there was a mushroom growing out of the ground and it was definitely UGLY!! So, each time we passed it, my little one would say "ughy mushoom". (she was younger then, but I understood her) For some reason this really excited her. So you can imagine how ecstatic she was when we saw this one!!


She couldn't wait to tell her big sis later in the afternoon. That's why I took some photos - just in case anyone decided to chop it down.

Nope - still there - checked this morning.

Then on the way to my other daughter's camp - still in Riverdale but a bit further, so we drive, we see lots of movie trailers. Now when I lived in Manhattan this was very common, but up here, not so much. At first I thought it was for Law & Order because they frequently tape that show in Northern Riverdale, but there were way more trailers than normal. We spotted a sign that said "To Set" so we decided to follow it. We saw a big crowd of people and lots of equipment in front of one of the houses and a sign that said "Going The Distance" by New Line Cinema. I didn't see anyone I recognized so we drove off. I looked it up online and found out it's a new movie with the guy who was just in "He's Just Not That Into You" - Justin Long .

In the Pre-K days (Pre Kids), the hubbs and I would go to a movie almost every Friday night, I was definitely up on the latest movies, actors, etc. These days, we've resorted to Netflix and I somehow can't even find the time for that! I don't know any movies or who's in them. Now, it would be a different story, if say, JOHN TRAVOLTA was in the movie!! My butt would be hanging around there every day! I used to have posters of him in my room growing up. I shared a room with my sis - her love was Fonzi.

I think she's over him now.

As you can tell, my crushes last a loooong time.

Well, who knows what tomorrow will bring.


Robyn said...

Cracking up - Florida mushrooms are ugly vs. NY mushrooms are works of art. I'm starting to get the impression you didn't like Florida very much. ;)

citygirl - Stacey said...

you're very observant!

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